Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Habits to Kick off Your Holistic Journey

Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Habits to Kick off Your Holistic Journey

The pandemic has changed our perceptions of normalcy. We’ve begun to probe deeper into ourselves, gain a greater understanding of our surroundings, and become more aware of our life challenges. We are certainly more cautious about our lifestyles. One way of life that has brought tranquility to our minds and provided health benefits is holistic living. It has helped us overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19. While modern medicine is primarily concerned with treating the symptoms through medication, keeping a holistic approach helps prevent illness. Managing stress levels through nutrition, physical exercise, social and spiritual ties, and mental health has been a major priority in holistic health under COVID-19. 

Deciding to live a holistic lifestyle will take you on a journey to self-discovery and natural living. Although this way of life has been around for a long time, progressions in the world have dramatically changed our lifestyles in recent years. Each person now has a unique approach to wellness depending on their health, region, personality, and biology. 

Remember that health isn’t just the absence of a disease; it’s a daily journey towards happiness. And happiness can be achieved by taking proper care of yourself and developing healthy habits. Establishing a good routine and healthy behaviors is an essential characteristic of holistic life. Holistic living is a beautiful way to live your life; it utilizes natural ways to nourish your mind, soul, and body. So don’t strive to improve your life by focusing on any one area; instead, adopt a holistic approach because everything is interrelated. People interested can seek assistance from a holistic health practitioner, who provides several holistic healing options. Holistic health practitioners can identify deficiencies and aberrations in the body and recommend a treatment plan based on that information.

Find healthy behaviors that are both long-lasting and pleasurable for you. Whatever method works best for you, it’s all about what keeps your whole self in check. Following are some useful tips to start a holistic journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Consume organic food

How your food is produced and farmed can affect your health in a number of ways. Thus, there has been a global shift in the food and agriculture industries – people are moving away from processed foods and leaning more towards organic alternatives. It is a general rule of thumb, the fewer miles your food has to travel before reaching your plate, the more nutritious it will be. Organic foods have antioxidants that can cure several food allergies in people. Also, organic foods are much fresher as they don’t contain preservatives and pesticides. And most importantly, organic farming techniques can minimize pollution, boost soil fertility, and conserve water. As a result, adding organic foods to your diet will enrich the flavor of your dish, enhance their nutritional value and allow you to make a small contribution to the environment.

  1. Drink more water

Water comprises a large percentage of the human body. It is necessary to maintain your required daily intake to prevent dehydration. Water helps regulate the body temperature and functions, boosts energy, flushes out toxins from the body, lubricates the joints, replenishes the skin, and aids in weight loss by clearing out fats. On the other hand, insufficient water consumption can lead to various health conditions such as constipation, headaches, kidney diseases, brain inflammation, and tiredness. It also lowers the oxygen level in the body. 

  1. Add more herbs to your meals

Herbs and spices add taste to your food and are beneficial for the body in various ways. They have antioxidants that aid in treating disorders of bones and joints and have phytochemicals that can fight inflammation. For example, cinnamon has anti-diabetic properties and helps lower blood pressure, peppermint is used in aromatherapy to cure headaches and nausea, and turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve joint pains and body aches.

  1. Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. It boosts your energy level by regulating the quantity of glucose in the body. Breakfast helps control weight by filling your stomach, so you do not grab anything unhealthy when you get hunger pangs. Not having breakfast affects your mental health as the brain does not receive its power energy pack in the form of glucose. You lose your concentration and find it hard to memorize things. People with diabetes shouldn’t skip their breakfast, as it can have a negative impact on the body.

  1. Stay active

Physical and mental health are interrelated. Our sedentary lifestyle has lessened our movements. Machinery has replaced manual labor, necessitating the need for dedicated movement time. The more you are physically active, the better it is for your mental health. Being physically active prevents you from numerous diseases. Indulge yourself in physical activities like sports, brisk walk, cycling, gymming, exercising, aerobics, etc. Adults and kids with lesser physical activities tend to suffer more from issues like obesity and diabetes. Physical activity improves health and lowers depression, stress, and anxiety. Also, according to a study, exercise can help overcome nicotine dependency by reducing the severity of withdrawal symptoms. 

Take Sunbath

Sunbathing is the act of reclining in the sun; it has many health benefits. Getting an attractive tan is not the only benefit of sunbathing. Sunbathing improves vision and aids in the regulation of the body’s circadian cycle. Also, it causes the brain to produce and release serotonin which helps reduce depression, improves mood, and helps with insomnia. Taking sunbaths early in the morning helps prevent skin issues. Furthermore, sunlight is the primary source of vitamin D for our bodies, and vitamin D makes our bones strong. 

Wrapping Up

You can’t immediately adopt a healthy lifestyle. It not only takes time and effort, but also a lot of persistence, dedication, and motivation to stick to a healthy routine. It is impossible to create multiple lasting habits simultaneously; take it slow and focus on one or two things at a time. Once that becomes part of your routine, you can move on to adopting a new positive habit. This process becomes quicker and easier if you find a habit you actually enjoy. Indulge yourself in good books, make good friends, travel to your favorite places, and make the most out of your life to boost positive energy within your body. Trust us; it will make you feel better.