Is Eating a Small Portion a Healthy Way to Lose Weight?

No, eating small portions is not a healthy way to lose weight. Research has shown that eating small portions can cause more harm to your health. For instance, eating small portions can cause ulcers and other terminal health issues. 

Besides, when you practice eating small portions over time, you may lose certain nutrients too. The disadvantages of eating in small portions are vast. 

Although eating in small portions can help reduce weight it is not very healthy. However, if your health professional advises you to eat in small portions then do so. 

Cause of excess weight

It is unarguable that weight gain is majorly due to lifestyle and behaviors. The majority of people do not have self-control when it comes to eating. Asides, eating and your lifestyle weight gain can be due to several factors such as 

  • Hormone ;
  • Hereditary ;
  • Medical conditions ;
  • Consumption of many calories ;
  • Uncontrolled eating ;
  • Stress.

Many persons with excess weight just narrow their minds that the only factor responsible for weight gain could be excess food and It might not be true. So, eating a small portion might be healthy if the only cause of the weight gain is the consumption of too much food. 

The Society and Weight Gain

Nobody likes to be called names is why everybody tries anything possible to keep fit. Due to ignorance, many persons with weight issues believe the cause of their problem is food. They feel like eating a small portion of food is the best option.

It can be dangerous because the gain in weight is not by the food factor alone. Other factors can lead to it.

So, if the causative factor is hereditary or lacks sleep may be an underlying ailment. You would agree with me that eating portions would be hazardous to the person’s health. So, it would be better to know the cause of the weight gain before jumping to a conclusion.

Healthy ways to lose weight

Amazingly, asides from eating small portions there are healthy alternatives to consider

  • Drinking water before meals, when we drink water before a meal it helps to burn calories ;
  • Eating weight-loss food : There are food and fruits that help shed body weight. Much of those foods should be consumed ;
  • Avoid sugary food : From research, it was found that sugary substances contribute to weight gain ;
  • Eating healthy fatty foods : It might be hard to believe. But it is the truth. The body needs fat for proper functioning. Foods like coconut oil, butter, avocado oil can be consumed moderately ;
  • Exercise : Quality exercise helps to burn calories from the body ;
  • Eating soluble fibers: This aids digestion and prevents the accumulation of food substances in the body ;
  • Sleep : Getting quality sleep would help improve the body’s metabolism.


Everybody wants a perfect shape to avoid body shaming. The ladies’ dream size is ‘6’ nobody wants size’12’ even the men do not want to be fat”. So, with the tips, we have seen ways to lose weight loss, as eating a small portion might not be a healthy alternative. Eat fruits and vegetables more to digest food. Finally, don’t eat small portions of food to adjust your weight.