Healthy Living with EMF

It is easy to avoid what is visibly dangerous. More difficult is the effort to stop what we can feel but not see, what we can only see after the fact: the bloodshot eyes and reddened skin, the drawn face and bedraggled appearance, the signs of fatigue and the sad grimace of pain—all or some of it due to exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

These fields encircle us. They imprison us. They bombard us in a perpetual war for which peace seems impossible and quiet seems improbable, given the noise not only of a cacophony of voices but the audible vibration—the hiss and sizzle—of power lines and the click and clatter of millions of computers; given the fields these devices emit and the invasions our bodies permit; given the absence of protection (until now) against this threat; given our naïveté about a potential health hazard, which is no longer too insignificant to ignore and too serious for us not to solve.

Action begins with awareness, however. Which is to say the more we learn about EMF, the more prepared we will be to guard against it.

Look no further than Healthy Living with EMF: a site that empowers people by educating them about EMF. It has no agenda, save its name which is its mission; to promote awareness of EMF without alarmist rhetoric; to populate its site with credible content, not incredible claims and unsubstantiated assertions; to produce news, backed by science and buttressed by evidence, free of partisanship and without a trace of prejudice toward critics large and small.

That approach is intelligent and wise.

It is necessary, too, because we must make healthy living a priority.