Morning Routine Practices by Jurgen Cautreels

High-Powered Morning Routine Practices with Digital Marketing Expert Jurgen Cautreels

A solid morning routine helps set the tone for the remainder of the day’s productivity. While a beautiful morning might seem like that, there’s more to a fruitful day than mysterious powers at work. A productive morning routine is a science that you can practice in your own life.

Sadly, many individuals seldom stop to think about how they start their day. Instead, most people’s usual morning consists of checking email and social media on their phone as soon as they get up, hitting the snooze button numerous times, and never intentionally nourishing their mind and body before going to work.

If you have the aforementioned morning routine, it is best you stop this habit. Having a high-powered morning routine is not hard. 

To help you have a productive morning, we got into a discussion with Jurgen Cautreels. Jurgen Cautreels is a professional in digital marketing and an NFT expert. He shared routine practices that helped him have a highly productive morning. 

Below are tips shared by Cautreels:

Wake up at your appropriate personal time

We have all heard that morning folks are the most successful. Statements like or similar to “You have to join the 5 a.m. alarm group!” “The early bird gets the worm!” may sound familiar.

While it’s true that those who get up earlier are more productive, it doesn’t mean night owls can’t have a good morning routine. Their “mornings” are a bit later, but they may still be productive. What is more important is getting enough sleep and making sure that you are well-rested.

Recite Affirmations

Affirmations are positive affirmations that you say to yourself to change how you think about yourself and the day ahead. They’re a means of envisioning and conquering negative self-talk by imagining the wonderful things that will happen to you that day.

Here are some affirmations Cautreels advises everyone to try out:

  • Today is a great day!
  • I’ll have a good week.
  • I will achieve all my goals for the week

Every morning, read or write these positive affirmations aloud to yourself to help you create a more upbeat mindset.

Eat a healthy breakfast

The food you ingest first thing in the morning has a big impact on your whole performance. So always prepare a nutritious breakfast with items that make you feel good to feed your creativity and get your day started correctly.

Consider excellent carbohydrates and fibre, as well as a little protein. Those items will provide you with energy and fulfil your hunger while also preparing you to make wise judgments throughout the day. A simple bowl of oats or a fast smoothie can help you stay healthy without taking too much effort to prepare.

Make a list of your top priorities.

By devoting time each morning to assessing and prioritizing your daily activities, you can transition your thoughts from personal to professional mode. A to-do list or a personal planner can help you with this.

Get something elevating and motivating to read or listen to

One of the finest morning routines internet marketer Jurgen Cautreels developed is to read something uplifting and to motivate for a half-hour each day. Start with simply 10 or 15 minutes if 30 minutes feels too lengthy. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re listening to an audiobook or reading a book that inspires you. Simply set aside time in the morning to read something uplifting and inspirational rather than scrolling through the headlines or checking your email. 

Fueling your thoughts with positive words in the morning helps you get self-confidence and drive you to pursue a successful day.