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How CBD May Help you Before, During and After a Workout

Do you ever feel completely depleted after a hard workout? Having a protein and carbohydrate-rich meal before working out is ideal, along with being properly hydrated – but sometimes this may not be enough. Drinking an electrolyte-heavy beverage during and after your workout may help some, but it isn’t long-lasting. Some evidence suggests that CBD replenishes the body faster after a workout. We’ll go into a bit of detail as to why this occurs. This topic covered by Grasscity, gives insight into how CBD can help with your daily workouts.

Inflammation Prevention and Control

Inflammation may be present in your body all of the time – especially if you have arthritis or an autoimmune disease. Inflammation can be chronic if you’ve had a significant injury or surgical procedure as well. It can make working out dangerous as you may be more prone to injury. Using CBD prior to and after an intense workout may help keep your inflammation down so that you can avoid an additional injury.

CBD may also help to keep blood flowing properly in the body. The vasodilator properties of CBD may allow blood to flow better to the heart. This can help prevent a blood clot or other serious cardiovascular event. In addition to helping blood flow and maintaining inflammation control, CBD may also help keep your heart rate in a safer range. It helps to reduce anxiety and stress response.

May Help Protect Against Degeneration

Degeneration can occur in several parts of the body. Intense workouts where bones, joints and cartilage are stressed can lead to degeneration in the most worked areas of the body. CBD may help protect against degeneration to keep your body healthy and at its prime for intense workouts.

Repetitive, heavy pressure on specific areas of the body can lead to degeneration. It can also occur with chronic inflammation and a significant injury.

Strengthen Bones

Broken bones can happen during a workout. If your diet has been less than ideal for a period of time, your bones may weaken. There are also enzymes in the body that can destroy compounds needed to build and maintain healthy bones. CBD helps to block those enzymes so that your risk of a broken bone due to excess pressure from working out does not occur.

If you have a cartilage or bone-deteriorating disease, CBD may help protect those bones and the cartilage to allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and endure a workout.

Stress Prior to Workout Depletes Energy

For some people, a hard workout is what is needed to relieve some stress. It is important to understand what toll stress takes on the body first. Stress can cause the heart to beat faster, which adds stress to the heart. It can also cause anxiety, which stresses the heart, brain and other parts of the body. It can cause depression, rage and other emotions that deplete energy from the body.

It is ideal to reduce your stress level before working out as an intense workout can leave you nearly immobile if you burn too many calories and too much energy. It’s ideal to use a CBD product or have an edible before a workout to reduce your stress level before working out.

Yes, being stressed may make your workout more intense, but it may be more detrimental to your health to do so. Your muscles can become tense, which may increase your risk of injury. When you are working out under stress, it is ideal to stretch well first. This will help loosen and relax some of those tense muscles.

Choosing to use CBD before a workout may help you reduce stress. It can be helpful for calming and relaxing the mind and body. This can also reduce your risk of over-exertion and injury.


For those that have a bit of an anxious personality or are easily distracted, using CBD prior to a workout may help you focus on the task at hand. If you have specific workout goals, you may be able to stay on track better. A formula that is designed to reduce anxiety may be best in this situation.

CBD After Workouts

It is very easy to overdo it when working out. You can stretch too far, use one muscle too much or aggravate a joint in the body. This may leave you feeling sore and depleted afterwards. Using CBD after a workout may help release tension in that sore muscle. It may also help reduce inflammation in an aggravated joint.

An intense workout may leave your heart pumping hard for a while and CBD may help you maintain a more appropriate heart rate. This can reduce stress on the heart and ensure that it isn’t working too hard.

Have you thought about incorporating CBD into your post-workout meals? CBD may provide dozens of health benefits – including promoting diabetic and cardiovascular health. It is known to have antiemetic properties, so if working out hard makes you nauseous, CBD may help.  Add CBD crystalline or oil to your favorite post-workout meals. It may help improve how you feel after a workout.

It is okay to include CBD oil in a beverage. When combined with an electrolyte-rich beverage, it may help the body absorb more of the electrolytes to feel rejuvenated and replenished faster.

When to Take CBD for Workout Purposes

If you need to reduce stress, anxiety or inflammation prior to a workout a CBD oil option can be used minutes beforehand. CBD edibles should be ingested an hour prior to your workout.

When you want to maintain inflammation relief throughout your workout, a CBD edible may be a better idea as it tends to last longer in the body, even if you are active.

Following a workout, wait a good 10 minutes after completing your regimen before taking CBD. However, if you have an immediate need for pain/inflammation relief or you feel like you are still too wound up, go ahead and take the CBD immediately following your workout.

Closing Thoughts

Information discussing CBD’s potential for healing the body continues to mount as more research is able to be conducted. It is important to start with a manufacturer’s suggested dose and always ensure that you are using a pure, quality product. CBD may help prevent injury while helping your body to heal from others. It may be helpful for those with some chronic conditions that want to adopt a healthier lifestyle to be able to do so.