Smiling dentist communicating with African American woman while checking her teeth during dental procedure at dentist's office.

How Dentists Can Improve Patient Engagement And Relationships

For the last few decades, dental healthcare has continued to experience major changes that transform the way patients interact with dentists. And today, patients want to be involved in every step of their treatment process. Therefore, dentists should find effective ways to promote patients’ experience and satisfaction.   

There are several strategies for streamlining patient satisfaction. One of them is improving patient engagement and relationships. This is a process of encouraging patients to participate in making decisions about their own health, like treatment options. This helps increase collaboration between dentists and patients to enhance decision-making. As a result, dentists can offer effective healthcare services, thus boosting the retention rate.   

Here are some effective strategies to improve patient engagement in your dental clinic.  

  1. Leverage The Power Of Online Marketing  

You can’t ignore the power of dentist online marketing when it comes to promoting patient engagement and relationships. This is a process of publishing promotional materials such as videos, pictures, and blogs online. Doing so encourages more patients, both existing and new ones, to engage with your brand.  

However, your content must be helpful to your patients. Therefore, you need to invest in materials that answer patient questions. Besides, your content should be educational.   

  1. Put Things On Social Media 

Recently, social media has become an integral part of human life. People not only use these platforms for social interactions but also for finding helpful information and services. That’s why you find most patients navigating the various social media channels to search for dental services. For that reason, it makes perfect sense to create a social media profile for your hospital.  

Currently, there are billions of active users of social media. Therefore, putting things there about your clinic exposes your dental services to a wider audience. And since most people spend several hours every day on social media, going in that direction helps promote patient engagement and relationships. However, you must utilize the right social media channel.   

  1. Follow Up With Patients 

When you fail to make follow-ups, most of your patients will likely have forgotten about their appointments for their next visit. But with follow-ups, patients will be reminded about the date they should visit your hospital again. And that puts your dental services in the minds of most patients, thus promoting your engagement and relationship.  

Therefore, make it your responsibility to remind your patients about their next visit or appointment. You can even personalize your communication with voicemail drops or pre-recorded messages. That way, you won’t disturb your patients since this technology doesn’t involve phone ringing. As such, most patients will likely respond to your messages, which enhances your engagement and relationships.   

  1. Build A Loyalty Program 

If you want most patients to remain engaged with you, you must value them. And one of the best ways to achieve that is by establishing a loyalty program. This involves offering rewards, discounts, and other incentives to attract and retain more patients for your dental hospital.   


Generally, everybody likes to be associated with a brand that values them. Therefore, establishing a loyal program encourages most patients to remain engaged with your dental clinic. For that reason, you can consider rewarding patients who come back for your services or those who refer other people to your clinic. That not only enhances patient relationships but also helps you to generate great revenue and profits.   

  1. Respond To All Patients’ Feedback 

When any person responds to your online posts, it indicates they’re interested in your dental services. Therefore, responding to them makes perfect sense since it shows that you value their feedback.   

While running your dental hospital, you’ll likely get both positive and negative reviews from different clients. However, don’t fail to respond to any comment. Responding to positive opinions shows that you appreciate the patient for praising your services.   

On the other hand, responding to negative feedback enables you to improve or make changes where necessary. Whether positive or negative, any feedback enables you to serve your patients in a better way. This way, you can promote your patient engagement and relationship.   

  1. Automate Processes In Your Hospital  

Undoubtedly, patient engagement can be overwhelming and time-consuming. For that reason, you can consider integrating automation technology into your systems. Doing so helps promote efficiency by ensuring you can continuously engage with patients even after business hours.   

You can use various technologies to streamline processes in your dental clinic. And one of them is customer relationship management (CRM) software. It enables you to manage your patients from a centralized location to improve communication. That goes a long way in improving your patient engagement and relationships.   


Promoting patient relationships can be a game-changer for the growth and success of your dental clinic since it helps increase your retention rate. As such, you’ll likely make more sales and profits to ensure your firm overcomes market competition. You can implement the strategies in this article to improve patient engagement in your dental clinic.