June McGown

  • 5 Things To Look For When Choosing A New Gym

    Staying committed to a fitness goal can present several challenges. It’s not only your motivation that’ll make the biggest impact because how you choose to maintain a fitness routine will also matter. Whether you’re restarting your active lifestyle or finally deciding to turn your New Year’s resolution into a reality, choosing the right gym is the first step […]

  • 4 Remedies for Wisdom Tooth Pain

    Wisdom teeth, or also known as the third group of molars, develop and emerge in the upper and lower jaws. Wisdom tooth typically develops throughout a person’s adolescence or late twenties. However, they may also grow among middle-aged adults.   Anybody who has experienced growing wisdom teeth knows how awful they can be. Specific remedies are recommended to reduce wisdom tooth pain before you visit an oral surgeon and have them removed.   If you’re currently experiencing wisdom tooth pain, here are some remedies you can apply for temporary relief.   Buy Over-The-Counter Medicines  An over-the-counter (OTC) […]

  • Obstetrician Vs Gynecologist: When Do You Need To Visit Them?

    Most people think that an obstetrician and gynecologist are the same things. But they’re actually not! Although both are medical doctors specializing in women’s health, the scope of practice and medical experience for these two careers differs significantly. With woman’s needs changing throughout their life, it’s important that you know who to see for a specific […]

  • A Basic Guide To Handling Medical Malpractice

    Generally speaking, you go to the hospital and ask to be examined by a doctor when you’re sick or not feeling well. There’s even an expectation on your part that you’ll get better once medication or treatment is administered to you. However, doctors and other medical professionals are also humans capable of committing mistakes in the course of their duty. This is where medical malpractice […]