How Do I Style And Cut My Hair After A Hair Transplant?

How Do I Style And Cut My Hair After A Hair Transplant?

Losing your hair can be difficult to deal with, which is why many people opt for permanent procedures to help bring it back. The most common remedy is to get a hair transplant in Turkey. This procedure removes follicles from where your hair is thicker and transplants them to where it’s thinning or balding. Once it’s been moved, the hair should then grow and restore your gorgeous locks. The healing process can take a while, and you might be wondering when you can start having fun with it. Keep reading, and you’ll find out how you can style and cut your hair after a hair transplant.

When Can I Get It Cut? 

When you first get a transplant, you’ll probably be advised to not touch the hair for at least 5 days as the area will be very delicate. After around 10 days, it should be safe to get your hair cut, but most people won’t see any growth until it’s been at least a couple of months, so it might not be necessary right away. It’s always a good idea to check in with the clinic that completed your procedure before getting your hair cut for the first time, especially if you’re wanting it cut sooner rather than later. 

How Short Can I Go? 

 Hair transplants can be done in two different ways. There’s FUE which is where the hair follicles are transplanted one by one to reduce scarring. Then there’s FUT which removes the hair in strips from your scalp and will leave some visible scarring. The type of procedure you have can be a deciding factor in how short you cut your hair. If you’ve had an FUE, you should really be able to cut it as short as you like. But if you’ve had a FUT, you might not want to cut it as short in order to minimise the amount of scarring that will be visible. If you’re fine with your scars being on show, then there’s no reason you can’t have a short style.

Is Longer An Option? 

Some people like to leave their hair long during the process as it can make it easier to hide the donor and transplant areas. However, if you do have lighter hair, it can look a little thin on top while the new hair is trying to catch up.    

Can I Shave It? 

If you’re not wanting to keep it 2 different lengths while trying to grow the transplanted hair, you could shave it all off to try and keep it somewhat similar. Some experts say you can shave your head after 10 days, but you shouldn’t perform a wet shave on it until it’s been at least 3 months. If you’re unsure, make sure you speak to your chosen clinic for advice. 

Which Haircut Is Best? 

If your scalp is healed, you have the luxury of choosing any haircut you want. However, if your transplant is still relatively fresh, you might want to be a little more careful. A lot of people like to shave it or keep the rest of their hair short in order to try and match the treated areas a little more. However, long hair can do just as good a job and help keep those areas hidden for a while. It’s totally up to you, just make sure you go for a cut that makes you feel confident during the growing phase. 

How Do I Style My Hair? 

For the first 6 weeks after your procedure, experts advise not using any hair products at all. A lot of products contain harsh chemicals which could have a detrimental effect on the success of your procedure. If you apply hair products too soon, it could cause a reaction to the treated areas and cause the transplanted follicles to fall out. Similarly, you shouldn’t use any heat on your hair until it’s healed. Keep the straighteners and hair dryers away as again, these can cause more damage than good. 

Can I Colour My Hair? 

If you like to dye your hair a different colour regularly, or you try to keep your greys covered, you’ll have to ensure it’s been at least 6 weeks before you do so. You want to make sure that you don’t use a strong dye and leave it on for as little time as possible. Ideally, you wouldn’t want to use anything that could damage your new hair, so you could look into temporary colours or sprays that won’t hurt your scalp. 

What About When It’s Healed? 

The beauty of a hair transplant is that when it’s healed you can do anything with it. If you wanted to dye it half pink, half green, and style it in a mohawk you could. Once it’s healed the possibilities are endless, so it’s worth dealing with a little bit of grey and a tricky style to ensure you get the best results you can. Make sure you follow the advice that your clinic provides you with so that you can regain a beautiful head of hair. 

Hair transplants make seem like a dream procedure, but they do take time, patience, and effort in order to see the results you want. If you don’t follow the proper aftercare tips given to you, it could all be for nothing as the transplants won’t take to your scalp and could fall out. You’ll then be left in the same position you started in, but with a sore scalp. Take the time to properly care for your hair transplant, and before you know it, you’ll be styling your brand new hair in all sorts of wonderful ways. If you’re ever unsure about a cut or style, make sure you ask the experts and they’ll be able to provide you with the best advice to ensure you get the best results.