How Do Pharmacies Work? – Using Physical and Internet Pharmacies

Pharmacies around the country fill billions of prescriptions a year. While most people prefer to walk into a drugstore and head to the pharmacy counter, there is another option to get a prescription. 

More and more pharmacies are allowing people to order their prescriptions online. Does this work better than the traditional pharmacy? Want to know how do pharmacies work? Keep reading to find out.

How Do Pharmacies Work? 

When you go to your healthcare provider, they will give you a prescription. They can do this in many ways. 

One of the ways you’re probably most familiar with is a paper prescription that you would take to your local pharmacy. Another way doctors give prescriptions is by calling or emailing a pharmacy to order the drug. They will also send the prescription to the pharmacy through a computer that is linked to their electronic medical record (EMR). 

After the doctor writes your prescription, you will need to find out if it’s covered by your health insurance plan. Some brands of medicine may not be covered, while some will require a co-pay. 

Local Pharmacies

You’re probably most familiar with local pharmacies. Some are even located inside of large chain stores. 

With these pharmacies, you will go to the counter and ask for your prescription. If it’s your first time filling the prescription, it helps to have your insurance card handy.

To make a refill, you would just need to give the pharmacist your name, prescription number, and the name of the medicine. 

Getting a prescription at your local pharmacy is straight forward, some even have a drive-thru for added convenience. Most people prefer this method of filling a prescription because its most familiar. 

Online Pharmacies

An online pharmacy works in the same way a local one does. The online pharmacy will verify your prescription before you can fill it. After that, you can order it online and have it sent to your home.

While most online pharmacies are legitimate businesses, some are fraudulent and disreputable. Specifically, some websites claiming to be online pharmacies sell fake medication that has not been manufactured properly. These websites may even misuse or sell your personal information. 

Therefore, take precautions when looking for an online pharmacy. Beware of websites that allow you to purchase medication without a prescription or do not have a licensed pharmacist available.

The FDA also recommends that you check with the National Association Boards of Pharmacy to see if the site is a reputable pharmacy. There are currently 15 online pharmacies, like this online pharmacy, certified as Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites.

Which Do You Prefer?

Both physical and online pharmacies come with their own benefits. However, with online pharmacies, make sure to shop safely and look out for signs of a fraudulent business.

Now that you know how do pharmacies work, tell us which do you prefer?