How to Get Your Cannabis Crops to the Highest Grade

No one has ever set out to get a mould covered, damp, weak crop. When you have the right tools and know-how, you are looking for sticky buds, the dankest smoke with the effects you expect from that strain. 

First, it should be stated that you should only be growing what it is legal for you to grow in your state or country. And, from that, let’s get started with the fundamentals. 

Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash


The type of seeds you can get are wide and varied, but you are probably considering either a clone or a seed. While clones can be ideal unless you know the mother plant has no weakness and hasn’t developed a disease than a clone in a risk. A clone is exactly like it sounds – an exact genetic copy of a mother plant. All of the genetic traits of the parent will carry over. And, is that a risk that you’re willing to take? 

Seeds are your best option. Not to mention when clones get posted the typically arrive in shock and aren’t really going to be ready for growing for some time. 


The potency, the sticky buds, the heigh and the flavour of your crop is decided before you even plant a seed. Which is why you need to do plenty of research into WHY you are buying and WHAT you are buying. If you are looking for some of that popular focus and chill from CBD, then you should be researching strains that have a higher CBD concentration. If you want a high that will knock your socks off, then an Indica is a strain worth looking at. Genetics will also play a big part in how your crop needs to be cared for. And if you are growing strictly indoors, you might be wise to look auto-flowering strains. 

Hear it for the Ladies

Before you put your money on the counter (physically or online), make sure the seeds you are buying are feminized. Unless you have time and space to waste on the male plants. Feminized seeds are bred to have no male chromosomes. Which means that every single plant from your crop will produce the cannabis that you are looking for. Identifying and removing male plants is time-consuming at best, and if you get it wrong, you might end up with pollen release. This will stop your female plants growing those huge sticky buds, and instead, they’ll start creating seeds. 

So for the most potent harvest, with minimal fuss, you should be looking for feminized seeds. 


SCROG stands for Screen of Green and is a growing method for incredible yield. Scroggin basically has similar features to the Sea of Green method, but the growers will include a screen that maximizes light exposure too. One of the most interesting things about using this method is that it maximizes the amount of light that a canopy will receive and can be as simple as some nylon netting. However, it would be best if you read more on how to SCROG before you use this method. 


If you are even considering skipping out on the quality of the soil that you are going to use to grow your new green buddies, then stop now. The soil you use is going to have to meet a range of nutritional and calorie demands from the cannabis plants. Deficient plants will show weakness later on in the growing process, and it will be too late to save them with boosters or fertilizer without causing harm. 

Always aim for the best growth and use high-quality organic soil. It will cost a little extra, but the benefits will be reaped later when it comes to the smoke. 


You don’t want to run the risk of getting mould on your bud. Ventilation and well-controlled humidity are how you’re going to do it. Mould likes damp and stagnant environments. A few well-placed fans will help you to maintain a constant circulation of air. You might also consider an exhaust system, which will pull air out of the space. 


If you have even come into the possession of badly dried bud, it’s not an enjoyable experience. So you owe it to yourself to get the dry and cure correctly. To dry your bud, you should have a decent-sized drying rack. Spread the buds evenly across the wire drying rack, with plenty of space around them. Try to have this set up in an area with good airflow. After the drying has been done, it is time to cure the bud. Place the buds in a glass jar without a lid. Keep checking up and remove any buds that have a sign of mould. Cure for as long as possible for the dankest smoke.