How electronic cigarette industry is helping in the fight against tobacco

If you have a little bit of knowledge on the electronic cigarette industry, you will know how these devices have set the market on fire due to their increased usage within the last few years. The tobacco industry has also stepped into this game and they are also making huge amounts via marketing the electronic cigarettes and other such devices. Whenever there are products in the market which are proved to help people in quitting smoking, individuals have always welcomed them. There are several devices and products which are approved by the FDA. However, due to the fact that people are not yet convinced that electronic cigarettes are products which are regulated under the law, people are still finding it tough to take resort to them.

If you wish to know more on how the e-cigarette industry is working hard to fight against the usage of tobacco, you’ve clicked on the right post. We will discuss few things that you know and few that you don’t know on tobacco.

Things you don’t know on e-cigs

Do e-cigarettes really help smokers in quitting cigarettes?

There are few anecdotal stories that come from the ex-smokers who couldn’t quit cigarettes until they tried vaping. However, there isn’t any such substantial research which can support this claim.

What impact do electronic cigarettes have on kids?

As per the CDC, there are several teenagers who have started using electronic cigarettes and this number has kept doubling like never before. Do the kids these days become nicotine addicts even though they have never picked a cigarette? Among them, will some opt for tobacco cigarettes later on? What sort of impact do e-cigs have on initiating addiction to nicotine?

What are the things that comprise of the vapor?

The marketing is aimed at forcing customers to think that electronic cigarettes release water vapor but this is not the case. There are evidences that the vapor contains carcinogens which come from unregulated manufacturers. But this is not true as the vapor doesn’t contain any carcinogen and if it did, it wouldn’t become so popular.

What is their impact on human health?

When you don’t know the ingredients, no one can know the health impact which result from the exposure and usage of e-cigarette. Though the companies claim that they’re safe, there is no evidence to support this.

Hence, whenever you’re confused about whether to vape or to smoke, you should undoubtedly choose the former as this doesn’t cause harm to your health. Make sure you get the best e-cigs from V2 Cigs.