How Small Businesses Are Making a Large Impact During COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic may not have fully unleashed itself upon the globe until late 2019, but that doesn’t mean its impact hasn’t been felt the world over. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to more than 107 million confirmed cases with 2.34 million confirmed deaths, staggering numbers that we will be reeling from for years to come.

Despite the staggering casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses the world over have been doing their part to give back, hold the line, and support their communities during these trying times. For companies that want to get in on the action, such as the one described on this page on, there is a world of potential ways to contribute.

How Businesses Can Start Giving Back During COVID-19

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has presented an array of challenges both small and large to the world around us. From changing the way we communicate and interact to enforcing strict sanitation and masking rules, COVID-19 has left an unavoidable mark on society as it operates today. With that being said, businesses are doing their best to provide support where they can.

For businesses interested in fighting back against COVID-19, here are a few suggested ways to contribute to the battle against the world’s worst pandemic since the Spanish Flu.

1) Provide PPE to Those In Need – In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, it was almost impossible to get PPE to the safety and healthcare professionals who need them most. As a result, companies like Gap Inc have begun to work with medical vendors to produce masks, goggles, gowns, and more for healthcare workers. It doesn’t take much to make a difference, so consider donating PPE to a local business that could use the support near you.

2) Help Feed the Hungry – The COVID-19 pandemic has shuttered educational facilities around the nation, stripping away some of the only food security lower-income and lesser advantaged children had available to them. Providing financial support to companies like Feeding America can be a great way to make a difference right where it matters the most, by feeding hungry children. If nothing else, consider throwing a food drive for a local food pantry as pantry lines around the country are starting to soar.

3) Promote In-House COVID-19 Protocols – Not only should this be a ‘no duh’ solution for rational business owners, but it can also be a great decision to set an example within your community. Promote masking, social distancing, and hand sanitation within your business should you choose to open during the COVID-19 pandemic. By setting a great example, businesses can normalize the kind of COVID-19 practices that will be needed to eradicate this issue for good.

4) Support Vulnerable Populations – The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a level of social isolation rarely seen in the Western world. As a result, national domestic abuse has skyrocketed. Consider contributing to foundations like the National Network to End Domestic Violence to help those in need that are struggling from a lesser-known consequence of the pandemic.

There are many ways for businesses to give back during the coronavirus pandemic. Find ways that you can help your community and get engaged!