How to Care for a Parent with Cancer

Cancer is a frightening word, and you wish it had never come near your family. For many people, cancer becomes a part of life, since about 38.4% of men and women receive the diagnosis at some point in their lives. When someone you love gets diagnosed, it often feels as bad as receiving the diagnosis yourself. You may feel helpless as you watch them battle through their treatment, or find yourself at a loss for ways to help. If your mom or dad has been diagnosed with cancer, you seek ways to bring comfort and care to their journey.

It is challenging to know what to say or do, or when it’s your turn to assist. If you want to know how to help a parent who’s been diagnosed, here are some suggestions for getting started.

Talk to Your Parent

Before you begin to help, it’s important to touch base with your parent about what they need. If you’re over thirty, then it’s likely that your parent is a senior citizen. Their age may add further complication to their struggle. Your parent may need even more assistance, and it’s important for you to know that all their needs are met. The topic of cancer and cancer care is an emotional one at first, and it’s important to let your parent lead. Don’t come charging into their life, intent on fixing everything. Take your cues from them, offer help. However, don’t force it on them. If your parent accepts your help, there are a few things you can do to make this fight easier for them.

Make a List of Needs

Once it’s time to start helping Mom or Dad, you should start with a simple list. There are things your parent needs help with. Would regular meals be a blessing? Do they need transportation? Would a visitor in the evenings help? Your parent may want everything, or very few things, from their friends and family. Find out what things your parent will accept help with, and write them down. You’ll find that, besides tasks you can mete out to friends and family, there are a few things you can do for your parent. If they have a harder time sleeping now, you can look for blinds online, to make sure their bedroom is better for sleep. There are plenty of little things you can do, on the side, to improve conditions for your parent.

Organize Volunteers

Last but not least, you can take your list of needs to all the friends and family eager to help. If your parent attends a church or a club, bring these needs to them. Act as a volunteer coordinator, and keep your parent well stocked with food and rides to a treatment center, like the New Jersey state-of-the-art treatments and cancer care services. A bit of extra work for you will be a small price to pay to keep your parent supported and cared for on their journey.

Photo by tlillis4