How To Cope With Bullies In Marriage

There are times when a bully can be one member of a marriage couple.  They turn into the person who has all the control or constantly causes problems because they are so abrasive.  There are a few situations that you need to learn how to deal with so that you know how to get past the bullying that you might be experiencing.  Someone who has been in a relationship like this has to do something because the bullying usually does not stop until that person has spoken up to fix the problem.

  1.  Go To Therapy

You need to look at to see if you can find someone who will help you have a better coping mechanism for the bullying.  You can both get into therapy where you will be in a place where you can learn how to deal with each other.  The therapist can tell you what to do, and they will talk to you about how they would address all these problems.  The therapist is a good place to start, and you have to recognize problems that are caused by control issues.

  1.  Bringing Up Past History

Bringing up your past history is never healthy, and you should not continue to apologize for things that have already happened.  You have apologized for this enough, and you need to point this out to your mate so that they know it is time to stop talking about because they are going to keep talking about it until you make them stop.

  1.  Physical Violence

You should leave if your partner is physically violent in any way, and you need to get away from them to a safe place before you can file a police report against them.  Take all the information that you need, and remember that you have to be in a safe place before doing this because no one should be able to hit or grab you.

  1.  Control

A controlling partner is someone who needs to know where you are all the time, and is watching over who you can be friends with.  You need to get into therapy to have the person hear why the controlling aspects of their personality are bad for you. They do not get to tell you your schedule, constantly check on you because they do not trust you, or control who you can be friends with.

  1.  Verbal Abuse

Someone who is being verbally or emotionally abused needs to get into therapy as soon as possible because there is no other way fore you to deal with this.  You are well within your rights to leave, but you also need to be in therapy so that you can figure out what you would do about these problems because the verbal and emotional abuse will stick with you if you do not deal with it when it happens.

The bullies in marriage often need to be left so that you can cope.  Find a therapist and start to take back your life.