How To Deal With A Substance Abuse Problem After Being Arrested

Substance abuse issues tend to lead to an arrest if they are not managed appropriately. Alcohol can lead to drunk driving while other drugs can lead to possession charges. Being arrested can be a jarring experience especially if you have never had any legal issues in the past. You don’t want to plead guilty immediately to have the process over as you could have a solid defense. Simply because you are arrested does not mean you are automatically guilty. The following are tips to deal with a substance abuse problem after being arrested. 

Get An Attorney Immediately

Trying to defend yourself in any criminal case even if you have a legal background is not recommended. Finding the right Raleigh criminal lawyer or one in your area will directly impact how the case will go. Of course, you want the case to be dropped but this isn’t possible with each case. Pre-trial diversion allows you to complete a program to absolve you of the charges. Probation is the most common form of punishment though besides incarceration. Take the time to research the top attorneys for your type of case in the area and start making some calls. 

Be Honest With Yourself 

Being honest with yourself is very important as some people have substance abuse issues but have never truly examined their behavior. You might need to seek help which will be discussed below although an arrest can act as a wake-up call for a number of individuals. If you don’t think you can stay sober if put on probation you need to get help. The last thing you want to do is fail a drug test or have a pre-trial diversion program nullified. Honesty is a part of sobriety that a number of people deal with as addiction can lead to a web of lies. 

Seek Help

There is a shame for some people with their substance abuse issues. Seeking help can show a judge that you are truly making strides to try to improve yourself. Going to meetings like AA or NA can be beneficial and they do not cost any money, unlike rehabs that can be immensely expensive. You might find that a judge sentencing you to attend substance abuse classes can help you. Take control back of your life and get off of probation if this is what happens. 

Dive Into Some Healthy Hobbies

Getting back into hobbies that you used to enjoy before addiction gripped your life can provide a sense of normalcy. Exercise can be something that distracts you and improves your quality of sleep. A number of people use substances to be able to fall asleep as insomnia seems to plague various cultures. Writing can be another great hobby that you can actually earn money from as there is a demand for content across the internet. 

Being arrested is not a pleasant experience but you need to help yourself via sobriety and getting the right legal representation. An arrest is not the end of the world if you respond to it in the right manner.