How to Detox Your System: 10 Tips For Inner Cleansing

Your body is your temple. It sounds like a cliche, but it’s true. If you don’t take care of yourself physically, your life will end up in shambles.

The idea of detoxing has gotten a lot of flack lately. The concept is mixed up in a lot of expensive, pseudo-scientific ideas. However, we know how to detox your system in a way that’s both effective and affordable.

Keep reading for our best tips.

1. Stay Hydrated

If you’re only going to follow one tip on this list, this is the one it should be. Your body is composed of water and you need it to survive. If you become dehydrated, you’ll feel the effects in many different ways.

For one, the quality of your skin and hair will decrease. You need to drink a lot of water to have plump, rosy skin.

You’ll also feel sluggish and unwell, as dehydration can lead to digestive issues and trouble sleeping.

2. Exercise

There’s a reason why doctors recommend exercise for all of their patients. It’s one of the easiest ways to boost your health. When you sweat, you’ll flush out toxins.

People avoid exercise because they think they need to be in good shape to get started. Not true. If you’re six hundred pounds and lying in a hospital bed, you can still work out.

Maybe you can only do arm circles for ten seconds. Maybe you go up and down the steps a few times. You can match your workout to your ability level.

Exercise encourages circulation.

3. Eat Healthy Food

When you fill your body with unhealthy food, it takes a toll. You can’t reach your physical peak unless you stop eating junk.

Switching to a healthy diet isn’t easy or we’d all be fit. However, if you can convince yourself to stick the diet, you’ll start to feel amazing.

Overhauling your routine all at once may be too difficult. Instead, implement small changes. Stop drinking soda. Consume one serving of vegetables with every meal.

4. Exfoliate

Dirt and grime build up on your body no matter what you do. Showering helps, but it’s not enough. If you want really soft skin, you should exfoliate.

It’s also a way to detox because you’ll be able to get rid of dead skin. The act of exfoliating promotes good circulation.

You can buy an exfoliating body wash or even use a good loofah.

5. Sleep

Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Any less and it becomes hard to function. You’ll feel terrible and be more prone to making terrible decisions.

Bad sleep will catch up to you. It might not seem like a big deal to stay up for a night or two. But your body keeps track.

Clear all distractions out of your bedroom. Laying in bed watching TV is fun but it’s not helpful if you want to get a good night’s rest Try to limit your device use in bed as well.

6. Use an Enema

This won’t be the sexiest thing that you do all week, but an enema can really clear you out. You use water to force out the contents of your colon. Bacteria and waste can build up over time, especially if you have a poor diet.

Enemas are perfectly safe and can be done on your own in the privacy of your own bathroom. If you’d rather work with a professional, you can go to a clinic and get a colonic from a colon hydrotherapist like Colonics NYC.

7. Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient practice designed to clean your teeth and pull toxins from your body. It’s usually done with coconut or olive oil. You place a spoonful in your mouth and swish it around for 15 minutes.

To add the practice to your routine, start doing it as soon as you wake up. Pretty soon, it’ll become a habit. The oil is full of bacteria so make sure you spit it out when you’re done.

Don’t cook with it.

8. Do a Real Detox

You already know the spiritual and health reasons why detoxing is a good idea. Depending on where you live, there may be a practical reason as well. Many jobs require a drug test before you can get hired.

If you’ve been indulging yourself, you’re in trouble. The other methods on this list will clear out your system but it will take quite a bit of time, especially you have to submit to a hair test.

There are kits designed to detox your hair so you can pass a drug test. Learn more here if you’re interested.

9. Master Oral Health

Poor oral hygiene can lead to more than just damaged teeth. It could even affect your heart. The bacteria and toxins in your mouth can enter your bloodstream.

You can prevent this by taking great care of your teeth. In addition to brushing and flossing multiple times a day, scrape your tongue. Cut sugar out of your diet.

It may be hard to believe that something so small can have such a huge effect.

10. Stop Drinking

Excessive drinking destroys your liver and leads to serious social consequences. If you’re dependent on alcohol, getting sober can transform your life.

Your liver is your body’s waste-filtering system. If it becomes damaged, it won’t be able to do its job properly. Giving up alcohol is a simple, free way to detox.

If you’re not ready to become a teetotaler, limit your drinking so it doesn’t get out of hand. Decide on a number of drinks per week or per social outing. You may need to find a new friend group if yours is centered around going to bars.

How to Detox Your System

Know that you know how to detox your system, it’s time to get to work. Your body deserves to be treated well. If you follow the above tips, you can take control of your health.

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