Questions to Ask a Construction Accident Lawyer

When you are involved in a construction accident, one of the things you should do is contact a construction accident attorney. A lawyer can do so much for you, including determining who is at fault and ensuring that you get the right settlement. Part of hiring a good lawyer involves asking a number of questions. This article highlights some of the questions you can ask a construction accident attorney. 

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How Many Years Have You Been Handling Construction Accident Cases?

This will help in determining whether the attorney has the experience necessary to handle your case. You should only hire an attorney who has been handling similar cases for some time. One doesn’t need to have decades of experience, but at least they should have handled a number of construction accident cases. 

How Many Cases Have You Settled Successfully?

This is another good question to ask your attorney. If possible, ask to speak to some of the clients they have helped settle in the past. For example, Greenberg and Stein construction accident lawyers have over 75 years of experience in seeking compensation for injured workers, so they will most likely have settled a case where the circumstances were similar to yours. 

How Much Will You Charge?

Most construction accident attorneys will give you a free preview for your case and charge you a certain percentage once your case is settled. This means that if the case is not successful, you will not pay anything. However, it is good to inquire because there are some who charge consultation fees. Also, inquire whether there are other expenses you will have to pay for so that you can prepare in advance. 

How Long Will It Take to Settle My Case?

While an attorney can’t give you the specific time regarding when you will receive your compensation, they can assess your case and give you an estimate. Knowing how long it will take to get compensation is important, especially if you are no longer working. It will guide you on how to plan your finances. 

What Can I Do to Make My Case Successful?

Finally, inquire how you can be helpful in making the case successful. A good lawyer will do their best to fight for your rights, but you also have a role to play to ensure your claims are not denied. The attorney will direct you on the actions you need to take and the documents and evidence you need to present. Your claim can be denied if you don’t have enough evidence. Follow their instructions carefully and do what is asked of you immediately. The sooner you do things, the sooner you will get compensation. Also, claims that are not filed on time may be denied. Thus, ensure you contact a good lawyer as soon as you can. The best time to talk to an attorney is a few days after the accident. Get medical help for your injuries first, since delayed treatment can affect the outcome of your case. Next, ensure that you have helpful evidence when talking to your attorney. Examples of evidence you need for such a case include photos of your injuries, medical reports and a documentation of the construction accident.