How to Keep Fit Indoors

With technology and social platforms being much more accessible to people, indoor activity has become much more popular. Those who study wellness and health, like Helen Lee Schifter, have come up with routines that don’t always require outside exercise. As the digital age grows, so do digital exercise techniques. 

Their new technology that has people working out indoors is top quality and very efficient. Of course, there are ellipticals and treadmills. But with new devices like The Pendleton, there is no need to go outside. In addition, many YouTubers have built careers on exercise.They post weekly videos on how to maintain fitness indoors. Whether that’s a challenge or high-impact cardio, it can all be done within a few square feet. This is a great way to stay fit without ever leaving the living room. Helen Lee Schifter recommends going outdoors as well, but this is a great backup for those who live in cold climates or rainy locations.