Best Wellness Practices to Maintain

Wellness experts like Helen Lee Schifter maintain health and good fortune in a multitude of ways. First off, a person has to be in the right mindset. Understanding that wellness comes from within is a critical step most people look over.

A healthy body is only a side effect of a healthy mind. When we constantly scrutinize our appearance, it can cloud our judgment on who we are and what our goals are. That being said, by noting down goals that can be posted as reminders on phone, refrigerators, or nightstands, so much positivity can shine through. Wellness takes time to curtate and is very different for everyone.Meditating and exercise are great ways to clear the mind of any harsh thoughts that could harm a person’s wellness. It’s recommended to exercise about forty-five minutes to an hour a day. Helen Lee Schifter practices yoga as her form of wellness and believes it has shaped her into the person she is today.