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How to Know If Your Dentist Is Trustworthy

Picking the best dentist may require a few considerations to ensure you do not fall for misleading advertisements. In fact, choosing a trustworthy dental care provider plays a significant role in your dental and oral health. It ensures you minimize dental visits and save money on unnecessary trips to your dentist. Below are tips to help you determine if your dentist is reputable and trustworthy. 

Is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA)

The first sign that you are dealing with a trustworthy dentist is if they are registered with the American Dental Association. Being the most prominent dental association globally, ADA requires its members to be honest and reliable when dealing with their patients. The association also recognizes patient’s rights, among others.

Does not upsell

A trustworthy dentist should only offer the necessary procedure to treat your needs without upselling what you do not need. If you happen to frequent your dentist for dental diagnosis, especially on procedures that your insurance does not cover, be wary. You should not trust a dentist that recommends practices you do not need. 

Works in a hygienic and comfortable environment

A trustworthy dentist should work in a pristine setting to give an excellent first impression. If you notice that your dentist does not focus on cleanliness, especially in the office, you should not trust the services offered. A trustworthy and reputable dentist prioritizes cleanliness, organization, and friendliness when approaching you. Additionally, a good dentist makes patients feel comfortable and at ease.

Cares about your comfort

Dentists are healthcare providers and should value your emotional and physical comfort at all times. This means that the clinic should make you feel comfortable and at ease every time you schedule a visit. Additionally, your dentist should do everything within his disposal to ensure that the processes and procedures are as painless and straightforward as possible. 

Like any other healthcare provider, a dentist should prioritize your well-being, including being gentle when offering care. A trustworthy dentist should be professional and have a staff with the same work ethics. Lastly, to be comfortable with the processes and procedures, your dentist should explain them in detail to ensure you understand everything. 

Follows up

Every healthcare provider is expected to maintain a positive long-term relationship with clients/patients. This involves following up to find out how you are doing after a procedure. Accordingly, a trustworthy dentist should invest in state-of-the-art dental technology and equipment to keep you up to speed on your subsequent visits and procedures. 

Ready to listen and answer your questions

Transparency is another sign of a good and trustworthy dentist. If your dental service provider is open to answering all your questions to help you understand their practice, then you are in the right hands. 


Finding a trustworthy dentist for you and your family may not be a walk in the park. Do not be blinded by positive reviews and following on social media. Use the above points on how to find a trustworthy dentist to ensure you receive high-quality dental care services.