How to Make a Great Lungo Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, you will know the urge to have that piping hot mug of the brewery as soon as you get off your bed, or else your day will just refuse to start. Moreover, the craving for coffee is not simply about having a cup at your disposal, but it is more about having your coffee right. There are several types of coffee and brew variants and not every variant is meant for everyone. The perfect coffee is the one that is brewed just the way you like it.

While milk and cream based Espressos have always been a huge hit, There are some brave consumers who like it black and strong. Lungo is the main buzzword in their Coffee lingo. The word “Lungo” means “long” in Italian. Lungo coffee is essentially known for its water-based black color driven by intense aroma and flavor. If you are a black coffee fan, here is a quick 101 on making a Lungo coffee.

The Basics

As stated earlier, the key difference between a Lungo and an Espresso is that the latter is milk-based and therefore, less bitter than the former. While the brewing basics remain pretty much the same as the Espresso, Lungo shots involve a long extracting process. That means that with more water running down the grounded coffee, the flavors that are extracted are much more intense than what you have in a regular Espresso, which results in a more bitter taste too. However, if you are someone who wants to enjoy black coffee but with the bitterness level toned down, you can go for a hybrid version of a Lungo and an Espresso.


The first part of making a good Lungo is driven by making a good Espresso. A good Espresso is determined by a good roast, good grind, and good pressure. A darker roast results in more intense and stronger flavors so this part will play a huge role in deciding how intense your Lungo is going to be. If you wish a hybrid version with less bitterness, you can tone down the Espresso intensity with a lighter roast.

The next step is to grind your coffee beans to a super fine texture. The finer your grind is, the better flavor will be extracted. It is recommended that you invest in a coffee grinder for this purpose. Although hand-grinding the coffee manually is totally possible, there is always a chance of human error when you want it super fine and that can make your entire process go to waste. Moreover, manual grinding can be more tiring and time-consuming. Prepare this espresso normally in a larger cup.

The Lungo

Once you have your regular Espresso in a cup according to the flavors that you like, It is time to proceed to the Lungo. This will be done by extending your Espresso to your desired amount by adding hot water in the cup. This will allow you to extend the flavors that you have prepared in your Espresso by adding water only thereby blocking away any additional bitterness that can be caused by any other substances.