How to Prepare for a Root Canal

How to Prepare for a Root Canal

The pain that you experience during a root canal procedure is not as pleasing. The amount of time it takes to complete the procedure is also a major issue since you’ll have to endure the pain for a prolonged period.

About Root Canal Treatment

A dentist performs the root canal procedure to repair the damage brought about by tooth decay. During the procedure, the hard to extract pulp is removed from the tooth’s cavity. The pulp’s removal lowers the chance of the teeth suffering from a painful infection that can spread to the teeth next to the damaged teeth. The root canal helps eliminate the tooth’s pain and prevent infections while encouraging healthy gums and teeth. Despite the health benefits associated with a root canal, most people don’t prefer undergoing this procedure.

Below are tips on how to prepare for and answer what is a root canal?

1.    Consider When You Need an Antibiotic Before the Root Canal

Antibiotics help to get rid of the chemicals that infect the damaged teeth. When you take an antibiotic, you will get rid of the pain. The procedure will also take less time. Ask the dentist about the antibiotics since they will help to hasten the healing process and reduce swelling after the surgery. Inquire about the antibiotics that don’t bring about severe allergic reactions.

2.    Plenty of Rest Helps

Root canal patients can toss and turn throughout the night after the dental procedure. By getting enough rest, you can reduce the fear and anxiety that comes about after the root canal. The dentist can also offer sedation as they perform the procedure to ensure the blood pressure has been lowered. Nonetheless, the dentist prefers to perform the procedure when the patient is coherent so that they can monitor everything accurately.

3.    Consider Using Anti-Inflammatory Drugs to Get Rid of the Pain

You should take NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) depending on your pain tolerance levels. Always adhere to the recommended time intervals as you take the drugs to ease the pain. NSAIDs help to reduce the swelling that comes about after the root canal procedure. If your pain tolerance levels are low, the dentist can prescribe Vicodin or Percocet.

4.    A Full Stomach Ensures Your Pain Resistance is High

A full stomach ensures you’ll have enough energy to make it through the root canal procedure. The root canal treatment takes at least two to three hours to complete. When you consume enough food before the root canal, you will not experience hunger pains. A full stomach also ensures you’re drowsy, and you’ll be relaxed throughout the procedure.

5.    Do Not Hesitate to Ask Questions

Whether the questions you ask are big or small, it is your body, and you need to get the desired results. Ensure you have gotten the most out of the dental appointment and ask about anything concerning the root canal. Some of the questions you should as include the urgency of the procedure, the cost, whether there is another option apart from the root canal, aftercare, and whether alternatives are available.

6.    Don’t Consume Alcohol.

You should avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours before the procedure takes place. The alcohol may dry out your mouth, and the procedure will not take place without complications. Consuming alcohol also interferes with the time it takes to recover after the root canal, which means you should avoid alcohol before undergoing the procedure.


If you are afraid to undergo the procedure because of the pain, initiate a discussion with the dentist, and they will help to ease the anxiety you’re experiencing. It’s not easy to prepare for the invasive treatment; however, by adhering to the tips listed above, your experience will be successful. Contact a professional dentist if you are experiencing any trouble with your teeth.