How to Shop Online For CBD

CBD—whether it’s in oil, edible, lotion, or other forms—is one of the many cannabinoids contained within the marijuana plant. Out of the approximately 113 different cannabinoid compounds in the plant, CBD and THC are the two most common ones of which most people are aware. If you’re looking to purchase some CBD for personal or medical use, there are some things you need to know ahead of time. Getting CBD online is the easiest and most accessible method. Here’s a quick guide on how to shop online

Make Sure It’s Legal In Your State

This might seem like a no-brainer, but marijuana—and by extension, products derived from it—aren’t necessarily legal in all 50 states. So, if you’re going to be shopping for some CBD products online, you need to ensure you can actually use them legally in your area. In order for CBD to be considered legal in your area, it has to be legalized at both the federal and state levels. Some states—Wyoming, Wisconsin, Alabama, and Georgia to name a few—only legalized CBD for medical purposes. In other states, like Colorado, both recreational and medical marijuana are legal, including CBD. Then there are the states like New York and Ohio that only allow it for medical purposes. The amount of THC in the CBD is also important, as some of the states only allow CBD with particular THC levels depending on state laws. So, before you think about buying CBD, check out your state’s laws and plan accordingly. 

Determine How You Want To Use It

As many studies over the past decade have aptly demonstrated, CBD has a variety of medicinal uses. Whether it’s chronic pain management, treating anxiety/depression, or improving your focus, you need to decide how you’re going to use your CBD prior to purchasing it. This will, of course, inform what kind of products you’re going to buy. CBD Has many uses, especially as inflammation and chronic pain management. CBD has many other uses including helping you sleep, calming you down to prevent anxiety/depression, improving focus, and generally helping you relax due to the fact that it increases serotonin levels in your brain (the chemicals that regulate mood). Once you know what you’re going to use it for, there’s an entire world of possible products from which to choose.

Choose What Form Of CBD To Use

There’s a massive amount of unique CBD products on the market. Once you know how you’re going to use it, figure out what kind of products you’ll need. CBD oil is by far the most popular option, but you can also get it as cream (for topical applications such as managing Arthritis pain), pills, edibles, teas, energy drinks, ointments, powder, and tinctures. Each offers its own pros and cons, so always read package directions and product descriptions to match your form of CBD to its use. There are a couple of different types of CBD. Full-spectrum CBD contains other cannabis plant compounds, isolates are just the CBD itself, and broad spectrum has a little bit of THC.

Shop Online

Shopping online is one of the most convenient aspects of modern life. You can access just about any brand, form, and type of CBD from an online store. It’s as simple as checking out the storefront, reading some descriptions, and buying what you want. Find a reputable online CBD store, make an order, and you’ll be able to obtain CBD securely and conveniently.

Understand How Much THC Is In It

As we mentioned above, some CBD does contain a trace amount of THC (mostly the broad-spectrum type), but never too high enough levels to get users high. CBD can only contain .3% of THC to be considered legal. Because the industry is so highly regulated, vendors must conform to these standards. Industrial hemp (from which CBD is derived) typically contains .3% or less THC, anyway, making it a viable legal source for the substance.