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How Underlying Health Issues Affect COVID-19 Patients

There are many health issues that have unfortunately meant life or death for many COVID-19 patients. Those who struggle with high sugar, diabetes, high cholesterol, and many more underlying health issues have a disadvantage when it comes to the virus. No one could’ve predicted the health issues that happened even experts like Helen Lee Schifter

Through the science and discoveries that have been made about the virus, no one really understands where it was contracted from. Politics and social issues are getting in the way of protecting people as a whole. The only certain way to protect oneself from the virus is by isolation and social distancing, Those who have underlying health issues should be extremely cautious when going outside. As winter approaches, other airborne illnesses will start to arise. Contracting the common flu and having the immune system weakened is just another way that COVID-19 can negatively impact people. Helen Lee Schifter believes that drinking teas and practicing meditation can help those who have underlying hea;th concerns clear their anxieties.