How Women Can Have Improved Sex Every Time

Has your sex life reached a point where it’s no longer exciting? Do you sometimes dread sharing a bed with your partner because you no longer feel aroused, despite their best efforts?

You can have an improved sex life right now!

Take things into your own hands. We’ve got five great tips below to teach you how to make sex more pleasurable! Read our guide below to learn more.

1. Open Communication

The key to improved sex is to let your partner know what you want. Let your partner know what turns you on and how to help you reach your climax. 

No, you don’t have to talk dirty all the time. 

Use small talk before sex to get some of the important points cleared out. During sex, use other methods of communication. Let your partner know your feelings by moaning, moving your hands, and others. 

2. Experiment

Bored of sex because you always end up doing the missionary position? Get creative and try other positions! It’s okay to experiment!

Get comfortable watching porn with your partner. Find new ways to have sex and experiment with the positions or ideas you see.

Never tried something like BDSM or rough sex? Have you ever tried having sex in a public place or the car?

Give these things a try! If you didn’t enjoy them, you don’t have to do them again. But if you did have fun, you now have something new to look forward to whenever it’s time to have fun.

Breakaway from the mundane. Sometimes, simply having sex outside the bedroom is enough to bring back excitement!

3. Use Toys

It’s no surprise that a satisfying orgasm isn’t always easy to achieve. Sometimes, masturbating with your hands won’t get the job done, even when you feel aroused. There might be times when your partner needs some help to fully stimulate your senses.

Use toys! 

The good news is there a ton of toys to try out. You can make sex better with a vibrator, a dildo, fleshlights for your partner, anal beads, and more. All of these can stimulate you in new and exciting ways!

4. Supplements Help

If you have low libido, you shouldn’t hesitate to try food or supplements to get it back up. Simply altering your diet, sleeping pattern, and physical activities can help you boost your craving for enjoyable sex. 

Of course, you don’t have to do it alone. You can use supplements to give you a major boost too. The Kitty Kat Sensual Enhancer is a good product to start with.

5. Fulfill Fantasies

Experimenting is all about trying new things. Fulfilling fantasies is about wish-fulfillment, about making your inner-most desires come true.

Have you dreamed of having sex at the beach? Don’t postpone it — go out and do it now! If you’ve always wanted to masturbate in front of your partner and give them a show to turn you both on, why wait any longer when you can try it now?

Some couples avoid talking about these fantasies because they feel shy. They fear what their partners might think. Don’t let the men have all the fun — let them explore your fantasies too!

Enjoy Improved Sex Now!

It’s time to stop having lackluster sex! Follow these tips and enjoy improved sex and get the most out of every moment in the bedroom. You might even discover a new side to your sexuality.

Of course, having a strong relationship doesn’t end with great sex. If you want to read more relationship and lifestyle tips, feel free to continue checking out our other posts right here.