Idleness Is The New Smoking Health Hazard

Idle Health Problems

As a person considered a senior citizen, I worked long and hard to retire; in other words, to sleep late and virtually do nothing. So who would have thought that my lackadaisical living or the dangers of prolonged sitting is considered the new smoking hazard to our health? Apparently, my sitting too long has a harmful effect on my mind and body because I am using less energy. The health problems in sitting too long include:

*excessive weight gain

*increased blood pressure

*high blood sugar

*increases the state of mortality from cancer and cardiovascular disease

I do believe that the choices you make today are the results you’ll see tomorrow. Living a healthy life is important for myself and my family so I better get off my duff and move about more. It is so tempting being at home. Whether working or simply being a homemaker, it offers freedoms that are highly coveted. There is a great appeal for persons of all ages to just sit and watch TV for a long time. But performing this daily non-activity is dangerous. 

The best thing that you can do is to set weekly goals for incorporating some form of exercise to keep the mind and body working at its ultimate. Let’s call these your RetroFitness goals. Like they say at RetroFitness, “the goals you set today are the results you’ll get tomorrow.” Don’t wait to get started. The sooner you start, the sooner you will reach some of these goals and be happy with your new self. 

Occasional Exercises for Idleness

There is ongoing research on the body being too idle. Doctors are recommending that whether you sit too long at work or you are working at your in-home office, that we should do the following:

*Take a 30 minutes break from sitting too long

*Stand occasionally when watching television

*When on an airplane, get up and walk up and down the aisles

*At home or at work, walk several times up and down the stairs

*When driving long distances, pull over and stretch or move your legs up and down

Technology for Improved Health

Keeping the body moving helps us burn more calories with results that lead to losing weight and increased energy. Movement helps us keep our muscles tone and our brain is more active which leads to better mental well-being. The published research on the damage that prolonged sitting does on the body and brain is recognized by businesses around the world. There are many office innovations to keep us working, but also exercised. For example, we can start with activity apps that alert us when we have been inactive too long.

Companies are installing screen alert software for their employees that pops up on the computer or tablet screens suggesting that they should move around. Whether you are at home or at work, you don’t have to jump over obstacles to begin moving, simply stand and walk in place or perform easy desk stretches. How about the recently advertised treadmill desk products equipped with a computer shelf that allows you to slowly walk while you are still operating your computer. Many high-tech industry companies use stationary bikes while their employees are working. Another mobile workplace activity for the body is the under-the-desk elliptical and the standing desk.

Why Remain Active?

The human body from head to toe is designed to be active. Just to give you an idea of how being inactive has an effect on the human body, especially as we age, here are a few simple medical facts:

*Legs, gluteus maximus, hips, and back: sitting inactive for long periods of time weakens these body parts. Leg and butt muscles lose their strength and hips and backs are ergonomically hurt when we sit in poor posture positions. Back and hip discs can easily begin to degenerate.

*Heart disease: When we sit for long periods of time, research has revealed that there is a link to heart disease. Research has shown that people who are inactive and have been sitting without some form of activity have a nearly 150% higher risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

*Varicose veins: Varicose and/or spider veins can also be attributed to inactivity. This is because sitting without movement can cause circulatory blood to pool in your legs. Though varicose veins are not generally harmful, in some cases, however, they have lead to blood clots.

*Stiff neck and shoulders: Think about how you sit when using a computer or other mobile devices. You are really hunched over in an abnormal position for your neck and shoulders and which can lead to stiffness or pain.

Now that we been made aware of the ill-effects of being inactive, let’s prolong our lives and improve our health with occasional mind and body exercises.