How You Can Keep Yourself In Great Shape When Working From Home

Working from home offers freedoms that those with traditional jobs covet. The lack of commute leaves extra time in the day that can be spent doing something like getting into great shape. The appeal of sitting and watching TV is strong but you have the ability to work out daily without impacting your production. The best thing that you can do is that of setting weekly goals for how much exercise that you want to accomplish during the week. Keep these goals realistic and ramp them up once they have become easy. The following are tips to help a person that works from home get into great shape.

Do Not Order Delivery For Lunch

Ordering delivery food is a trap that many in the self-employed community fall into. Making a healthy lunch only takes a couple of minutes and refusing to get delivery can also be the budget friendly option. Meal prepping can be a great thing for any person to do as it allows a person to relax after work and just throw the meal into the oven or microwave. Take the time to plan out your meals to see how you can improve them by adding healthy ingredients and substituting unhealthy ones.

Cardio While Doing Certain Tasks

Most people can ride a stationary bike and reply to email on their smartphone. Being able to do this during portions of the day will allow you to burn calories without having to work too hard. Obviously you will not be able to do work if you are taking a swim but there are other options. Some treadmills come with a shelf for a computer but it might take time to master typing while walking. Being able to exercise while working is the definition of productivity as you are doing things for your health and in a professional capacity.

Massage Chair To Help With Recovery

Working from home and sitting hunched over a computer can really take a toll both physically and mentally. Being able to sit back in an ideal massage chair during the day can allow a person to reduce soreness and tightness. For those that exercise massage helps increase blood flow which in turn can help aid in recovery. You will be sitting for much of your day so make sure that you are comfortable when doing so.

Every Hour Do Something Active

Every hour you should take a few minutes to do pushups, sit ups, or even take your pet on a stroll. This can be difficult to do in the office as many people will look at you strangely as this is not a traditional thing to do in a professional setting. Pick a few activities that you enjoy that also are active and you might find that these breaks actually help with productivity. 10 minutes of yoga a few times a day can allow you to skip the gym on certain days as you got your exercise while working.

As you can see working from home gives you the ultimate opportunity to get into the best shape of your life. Take advantage as you only have one body, take care of it!

Tommy Wyhertwyher