Know how can one cure diabetes

Diabetes is the biggest health epidemic of modern times with 85% of youngsters suffering from the said disease. And there is a saying that Diabetes is the disease of the affluent since they are burdened with more load, have a sedentary lifestyle and are more prone to stress and tension.

Ayurveda believes that Diabetes is a result of digestive disorder in the human body. Diabetes is usually considered a lifelong disease and people, in fact, fear it, however, this is not the case in reality. And the good news that Diabetes can be cured and reversed by practicing yoga, lifestyle changes and the inclusion of healthy foodstuffs in your daily routine. there are various causes for diabetes to occur, sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits, improper lifestyle, stress, and hereditary. Reasons can be many, so are the remedies for the disease – yoga, Allopathy, Unani, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Siddha, and natural home remedies.

Cause of Diabetes
Diabetes is caused when the insulin production in the Pancreas reduces in quantity and quality and this results in an increase in blood sugars and excessive glucose in the body.The body becomes insulin sensitive and requires insulin from outside sources to make up for the shortage.

Treating Diabetes
Diabetes is scary for most people and they fear its side effects that are many such as poor eyesight, dry and sensitive skin, increased time in healing wounds, fluctuating body weight, slowly deteriorating pancreas, and kidneys and many more. Gluco medicines cause side effects in the body such as Gastritis, acidity, stomach disorders and such. However, there are other means to treat Diabetes that are fairly safe and without any side effects.

Yoga for Diabetes
Whether you have Type 1, Type 2 or Gestational Diabetes, blood sugars need to be regulated in order to maintain your overall health. Practicing Yoga on a daily basis can help in achieving just that. Yoga is an ancient practice that was first found in the Indian continent thousands of years ago and that is known to relieve stress, which is a major cause and outcome of Diabetes and that needs to be kept in check. Stress releases and increases the secretion of Glucagon hormone in the body that is responsible for regulating the blood sugars and glucose in the body. Yoga helps in relieving the stress.
Deep breathing exercises, various postures in Yoga that help in massaging the Pancreas, and the self-control techniques help in reducing stress and help you manage the blood sugars. 
Yoga also helps in reducing weight since as many as 80% of people suffering from Diabetes are overweight. It increases the flexibility and mobility of the human body. 

Benefits of Yoga for diabetes
– improved physical strength
– flexibility
– better sleep
– improved blood circulation
– balanced blood sugar levels
– weight loss
– reduces stress

Various postures that are beneficial for treating Diabetes
– Sarvangasana
– Halasana
– Yoga mudrasana 
– Dhanurasana
– Pranayama
– Ardha-matsyendrasana 
– Udiyana bandam

Ayurveda is an olden Indian treatment approach that employs natural remedies and works on the principle of Doshas that are made up of three components that are Kapha, Vata, and Pitta. Ayurveda is a holistic and comprehensive approach to healing or rather it is considered a way of life. 
Ayurvedic medicines for Diabetes Type 2 claims to have provided relief to thousands and thousands of people across the world. due to its natural ingredients and holistic approach, it has gained quite a popularity on a global scale. Ayurvedic medicines do help in reducing the blood sugars and increases the insulin production in the body.

Ayurvedic medicines that help in regulating the blood sugars are 
– Gumar-booti powder
– Bitter gourd juice
– Kino 
– Fenugreek 
– Purified copper ash
– Tamra bhasma
– Garlic
– Shilajeet
– Ashwagandha 

Unani medicine originated in Greece and works on the body as a whole. In Unani medicine, Diabetes is known as Ziabetes, Dolab or Ziabetes Shakri(sugar) and is caused by the high temperament of the kidneys. The treatment of Ziabetes under Unani is similar to that of Ayurveda where natural ingredients are used to treat the symptoms. There are four types of Ziabetes under Unani. They are 
– when the thirst and need for urination is higher – Ziabetes Haar
– when the thirst and need for urination is lower – Ziabetes Barid
– when the presence of sugar is high in the blood – Ziabetes Shakri
– when the presence of sugar is low in the blood – Ziabetes Sada

Common remedies to treat Ziabetes in Unani are
– Jamun
– Karela bark
– Neem
– Bel leaves

Advancement in tech,nology has not only made life easier for people but has also resulted in a faulty lifestyle, both mentally and physically. one such side effect is Diabetes which is a result of increases work related, family related, society related stress in both men and women alike. Homeopathy is also an effective way of treating Diabetes without any notable side effects. The homeopathy principle treats a person as a single entity and works on his/her physical and mental makeup and medicines are prescribed based on his/her emotional functioning in addition to the physical and mental aspects.
Unlike Allopathy, Homeopathy treats the person instead of the symptoms and works to correct the wrong with the body as a whole rather than the affected parts alone.

Most effective Homeopathic medicines in lowering the blood sugars are 
– Cephlandra
– Syzgium
– Gymnema
– Angustra
– Uranium Nitricum.

Natural and home remedies

– reducing carbohydrate-rich food
– increased intake of green leafy vegetables
– fresh and seasonal fruits that contain natural sugars
– increased physical activity
– avoiding oil and butter
– practicing relaxing techniques
– including fish, soybean, Bengal grams, coriander, rice, and cow’s milk
– fenugreek seeds are a blessing in small sizes
– avoid sleeping during the day and take proper sleep at night
– balanced and proper diet
– avoid skipping meals and take smaller meals
– quit smoking and alcohol

Diabetes may seem scary but in reality, it can be controlled and managed by employing either of the above mentioned method and living a healthy life that is stress free.