Why Ashwagandha is so effective at treating erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects millions of men. It is claimed that up to 5% of men above 40 have complete erectile disfunction, which increases to 15% for men above 70. Given the fact that ED can be caused by both physical and psychological issues, it is normal for almost every man to experience it at some point in their lifetime: since relationships have various dynamics closely linked to psychology.

Experienced herbal practitioners will point out that the use of ashwagandha for erections is highly effective, but that ultimately, it is good to use a variety of herbs that is scheduled properly for best results. There is roughly 10 or so natural substances that are used to treat ED – so ashwagandha is just one of many. It is however an important supplement that is highly regarded around the world. You can also consult with a Psychosexologist for more information.

Why is Ashwagandha so effective at treating ED?

It is claimed to be a safe yet powerful natural ingredient that can help improve sex life through better erections. The first benefit it brings is to lower stress. Some men, even though they have a healthy circulatory system, suffer from ED due to stress – hence it is important to lower stress. With this, the lowering of blood pressure is also important to experience a better erection. Since ashwagandha also reduces cortisol levels, herbal practitioners love to prescribe it not only for ED, but also for other related issues.

It is also no secret that the legendary Kamastura, refers to ashwagandha as an aphrodisiac. That said, there is no shortage of aphrodisiacs in the world: there is also chocolates, oysters, cinnamon and asparagus. Since the production of nitric oxide is stimulated by this herb, it increases libido and ranks high among ED treatment solutions.

Another interesting effect of the substance is that it increases testosterone. This is highly relevant since most men who experience a reduction in sex drive – as well as impotence, suffer from low testosterone levels. Remember: in the early 40’s men face a rapid decline in testosterone levels. Any herbal solution that can help men to avoid more dangerous testosterone that people distribute in the parking lot of gyms – is something worthwhile to consider.

While sperm count itself may not play a role in ED, it certainly is a factor when evaluating fertility. A low sperm count in men is one of the most prominent reasons that women fail to fall pregnant. Ashwagandha also increases your sperm count. To experience this benefit though, it is important to take the supplement for more than 3 months.

Overall, there are multiple benefits of ashwagandha: better sperm health, improved cardiovascular health, improved muscle growth, improved DHEA levels, lowered cortisol (and stress) – and protection of the testicles. It is thus the kind of supplement that is not only useful for better erections, but overall male vitality, hence it has such an overwhelming support from holistic practitioners.


Yes, many herbs can be used to give improved erections. The physical causes of ED can affect males of all ages, yet beyond 40, is really a time when problems accelerate. Using a supplement like ashwagandha is useful because it is backed by sufficient research – and forms an integral part of holistic health and male vitality. Not taking action against ED will ultimately have an impact on your relationship.

Photo by Tony Buser