Kratom – helping tackle pain pill addiction

Could an herb from South East Asia be a cheap and effective answer to tackling opiate addiction?

Even straight laced people get addicted to opiates

You don’t have to be a heroin using lowlife to be hooked on opiates. You could just have been given too many prescriptions for pain pills by your family doctor. It is estimated that has many as 30 million Americans have had pain pill addiction problems in their lives.

The problem often occurs when the doctor starts giving someone a pain pill prescription for intense pain and doesn’t also work on the problem that leads to the pain itself. A classic example of this is where someone has developed a back injury and it would be too dangerous to operate on it without risk of causing serious nerve damage or paralysis. Through no fault of the doctor the patient requires high levels of pain medication to stop the pain and to get on with their lives.

The problem with opiates is that you often need more and more to do the same job as your body gets used to the presence of opiates in its system. Another problem is that your body starts needing the prescription painkillers in order to feel alright – there are nasty side effects that come with withdrawal and many people quite suddenly find themselves needing a medicine even though their pain isn’t as powerful as it was.

What kratom does to help opiate addiction

Shred Mitragyna speciosa leaf (kratom), plant in thailand, put on its leaf.

Kratom is a painkiller herb that binds to the same nerve receptors as opiate painkillers. Thousands of people over the last centuries or so have used kratom to reduce and stop their opiate habits. Once you have used kratom you do not need your opiate medication and can therefore reduce the amount of the medicine that your doctor has given you.

Kratom is also an effective painkiller, as it both tackles inflammation in your body and tells the brain that there is less pain in the injury than it was before you started taking pain pills in exactly the same way as opiates do.

In recent years people who have previously used methadone to come off opiates have switched to kratom to detox from their pain pills and have successfully tackled their pain pill addiction. You can find kratom for sale in the US from online stores and help yourself. Use detox pills for drug test by taking the dose required to tackle your pain levels.     

Kratom users have reported that it helps them manage their pain without having to increase their dosage over time. There are three strains of kratom, red, white and green. The red strains are more sedating and noted for their painkilling effects, whereas the white strains are known for their stimulating properties. The green strains are seen as somewhat an in-between of the red and white kratom strains.

Photo by KY Kratom