Loosing Your Teeth? 5 Signs You Need Prosthetic Dentistry

Losing your teeth is more common than many people assume with over 33 million people needing prosthetic teeth at some point in their lifetime. Tooth loss is a gradual process that can be attributed to a number of factors. Between a lack of oral care to gum disease, there are several causes that can trigger tooth decay if left untreated. Although it may be a difficult step, there are a few signs that it’s time to consider prosthetic dentistry.

1. Constant Gum Inflammation

Gums that bleed and are swollen on a daily basis are often caused by gum disease and can lead to bone loss. If the signs are caught too late and are not corrected, then it may be time to opt for new teeth.

2. Extreme Toothaches

Extreme toothaches are not only painful, but often reveal underlying tooth decay if it occurs for an extended period of time. The teeth may be passed the point of being salvaged, at which point prosthetic teeth are the best option.

3. You Have Missing Teeth

Opting for prosthetic dentistry does not require that all of the teeth must be missing. In many cases, prosthetic teeth are provided when a few teeth are already lost, especially with back teeth. If you’re relying too heavily on a few teeth to do all of the work when chewing, then it’s a clear sign that you’ll likely lose moreLoosing Your Teeth 5 Signs You Need Prosthetic Dentistry teeth in the future.

4. Loose Teeth

Loose teeth that shift and begin to cause gaps is another result of gum disease. This often shows that the teeth are not stable and are ready to fall out. A dental professional will often consider tooth extraction before using prosthetic dentistry to correct the issue.

5. Difficulty Chewing Food

If your teeth have lost their purpose at properly chewing food and are constantly in pain, then this often reveals that they are no longer healthy. You may only be able to eat soft foods or liquids to cope and maintain your diet.

Many people find it difficult to consider prosthetic dentistry due to the devastation that is often experienced with losing their teeth. Although it can be an emotional transition, it can provide more benefits with improved oral health for a great way to increase your confidence. By obtaining a consultation with a dental professional, you’ll be assessed on if you’re a candidate for the new set of teeth.

This article was inspired by the Coquitlam Centre Dental Clinic.