Making Your Own Coffee at Home: Is It Less Expensive?

Coffee, the lifeblood of Americans, has changed drastically since the days when cowboys brewed it over an open fire on the range. Today, you can walk into your local Starbucks and buy any type of coffee imaginable, from lattes to espressos and from cappuccinos to an almost regular cup of Joe.

The downside to that is the money you spend on that daily coffee habit.  This is especially true when you consider how you could just as easily make these same coffees in your own home with the right equipment and flavored syrups such as Monin syrup, which comes in a variety of different flavors. On top of that making your own coffees at home might just be healthier for you as well. With that in mind, read on below for a few of the reasons that it’s less expensive to make your coffee at home and more!

Is It Healthier?

In recent years, there have been studies that show while in the past coffee was said to be super-bad for you, it might actually have health benefits that we just weren’t aware of. However, does that really translate into the coffee from the local coffee shop being good for you?

Think about it, when you buy your coffee at the local coffee shop, you have very little control of how much of each ingredient is added. Yeah, you get to place your detailed order or put in your own cream and sugar, but you can’t really control the strength of the coffee used. The stronger the coffee, the worse it has to be for you, because of the caffeine. If you make coffee at home, using your very own French press, then you control how much goes into the coffee so you are in charge. In a way, that has to be healthier for you, right? Whether it’s a cold brewed coffee or a steaming hot mug, knowing how much of everything you add is healthier than just leaving it to the barista at your favorite coffee hangout.

Is It Really Less Expensive?

Studies have recently shown that brewing coffee at home is drastically cheaper than stopping in at your local Starbucks, say two to three times a day, like most of us do. After all, you have to feed that coffee habit and only having that double shot espresso in the mornings is certainly not enough! How is it cheaper? Let us count the ways.

It is estimated that a cup of coffee at Starbucks costs around $8 or more, according to the area you live in. You can buy a whole bag of coffee for that and make many, many cups.

When you buy your coffee from Starbucks on a daily basis, you have to choose which flavor you want. Making your own coffee at home lets you choose the flavors that you have already in your cabinet. You can have a caramel mocha in the morning and a regular cup of Joe right after, without having to pay an extra cent. Also, to make it even cheaper, you can look for different subscriptions so you can have different types of coffee delivered directly to your home, win-win!

These are just a few of the ways that coffee is cheaper when brewed at home and healthier for you as well. Make sure to stock up on a good brew and a bunch of syrups to flavor it with and for those specialty coffees, don’t forget the milk! Happy Brewing everyone!