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  • Alternative Energy Sources

    Helen Schifter is a former arbitrage trader, writer for Conde Nast and editor for Hearst. She balances her life by studying Japanese Culture, notably the tea Culture. Notably an expert on fashion and living, Schifter is also a big advocate of anything alternative that makes sense, and that includes being a proponent of alternative energy […]

  • Best 6 Residential Uses of Solar Energy

    Solar energy is the name of the power harvested from the sun through photoelectric panels or any other techniques. Today, there are many practical ways through which you can use solar energy in your home.  “Going solar” no longer implies that you have to make some investments of ten of thousands of dollars to cover […]

  • How to Stay Looking Youthful

    For generations, men, and especially women have been shaping the skincare industry. There are billions of products that circulate markets in grocery stores, pharmacies, and even online. For many, skincare products can be hard to find because they are not tailored to specific people. Although it’s easy to find categories of products such as ‘oily’ […]