Medical Marijuana for Dogs

23 states have legalized medical marijuana, though by the time you read this the number will probably already be higher. It seems there is little that is holding back the complete legalization of marijuana, and as it becomes more and more prevalent in our lives it’s time we talk about how it’s going to affect our children, no the ones that talk back, I’m talking about our fur children.

Today, we’re talking about medical marijuana, and this is want you need to know about giving your dog medical marijuana.

Time for rapid fire question and answers.

First Question: “Is medical marijuana legal to give to my dog?” NO!

Second Question: “But, what if medical marijuana is legal in my state?” Still Nope. Medical marijuana laws do not apply to pets.

Third Question: “Umm, excuse me smart guy, I was just talking to my neighbor the other day and they said they give their dog medical marijuana. You calling them a liar?” Yes, wait no, wait they’re just using the incorrect words. Here, just hear me out.

Medical Marijuana for Dogs

Don’t worry, I’m not implying that your neighbor is making up the idea that they are treating their dog with imaginary medicine. They’re simply confusing medical marijuana with CBD oil. CBD, known professionally as cannabidiol, is one of many chemical compounds (cannabinoids) found in marijuana, but it itself is not marijuana, nor is it always found in cannabis.

There are a bunch of cannabinoids in marijuana, but it’s hard to tell how many because some are in teeny-tiny amounts, but we know there are over 100. So what do these cannabinoids do?

Well, that’s easy they provide an array of therapeutic effects and these effects are what make medical marijuana . . .  well medicinal. Wait, you never answered if medical marijuana was safe to give to dogs?

Correct, and that’s because medical marijuana is not safe, but wait CBD oil is safe for your pets.

THC A.K.A the elephant in the room

There is one main thing that separates medical marijuana and CBD oil, and that is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is a cannabinoid like CBD, but it just so happens to be the only one out of over a hundred that causes a high. It just so happens that marijuana, especially recreational marijuana, is highest in this psychotropic cannabinoid over any other – CBD will be the second highest cannabinoid found in cannabis.

In weed culture, marijuana is often thrown into two main categories based on its effects. Users that want a mind-altering, giggly, fun, recreational high prefer marijuana with high THC and low CBD – CBD appears to reduce several of THC’s effects. However, those that use marijuana to medicate prefer high CBD and low THC marijuana strains – this allows them to get the absurd amount of therapeutic from marijuana, but with little high.

You said medical marijuana isn’t safe for dogs, but is it anymore unsafe for my dog than me?

Yes, and don’t worry this isn’t the drug class you took in school talking. THC toxicity in humans is unheard of because it’s literally impossible to achieve. However, dogs do appear to be much more sensitive to THC and as such marijuana is unsafe for them.

But luckily, there exists hemp, which is marijuana without the THC, so it can’t get you high therefore it’s legal. Plus, it still has all the other cannabinoids and other properties that help make medical marijuana medical. CBD oil can be derived from hemp and cannabis, but only when it’s derived from hemp will it contain no THC guaranteeing it safe for your dog.

So the next time your neighbor tells you they’re giving their dog medical marijuana, you’re now equipped with the info to tell them that they are actually giving CBD oil, and if they say “No, actually marijuana!” then you can scold them, which is always fun I suppose.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits cbd oil for dogs can provide make sure it’s CBD oil. The medical benefits that come from marijuana are plentiful, you just need to get rid of the THC first.