Microlearning: Regain the Lost Skill to Focus

Nowadays, most people live in a technological world where instant gratification is the norm. Having access to technology in all areas of our lives has helped humans in many ways but it has come with the cost of losing our ability to concentrate for long periods. Since we no longer need to get things we want by piecing information together or problem-solving to find information, it weakens our ability to focus. This leads to other consequences like one’s ability to work independently and increase critical thinking skills. 

To advance people’s ability to focus for longer durations, they should consider learning something new each day. By simply reading and interacting with new information on one’s smartphone, people can grow their ability to remain focused. In a recent study, 80% of people that read and interacted with the information they learned claimed that their ability to focus and retain information had increased. 
Just as our bodies need to stretch, move, and lift things that are heavy to remain in relatively good shape, our brains need to be pushed from time to time so that they increase in sharpness which helps us to be focused for longer durations. In turn, this will make us more independent, as our problem-solving and critical-thinking skills will advance rather than decline. Learn more about how microlearning can help you regain your focus in the infographic below:

Microlearning - the future of workplace training
Source: Arist