Recharge and Focus: 5 Ways to Re-inspire Yourself

Even when our schedules are busy, they can unfortunately become mundane and make us feel listless, downtrodden, and uninspired. We all need inspiration regardless of what it’s for but with work schedules, family obligations, and various other daily tasks, it just isn’t possible to always find the time to seek inspiration. There are plenty of small ways to sneak that inspiration in, however; you just have to spare a few minutes a day!

Keep Your Workspace Tidy

When we surround ourselves with chaos, our mind reflects that. If our workspace is a jumble of papers, our mind finds it hard to focus on the job at hand because all we see is the mess around us. If a full clean up isn’t in the cards, a quick tidy up can do wonders for our state of mind. Tidy the stack of papers and put the stray pens in the drawer. The act of being productive can open our minds up to new possibilities and ideas.

Look at Something Beautiful

Eliciting the pleasure response in our brains can help us focus or open our minds. Experts suggest if you have to perform a task that requires creativity, it’s important to turn to something that is visually attractive or even just something that makes you feel good inside, visiting sites like Pinterest or When something makes us happy, we’re able to harness that feeling and turn it into creative power. Limit yourself to no more than five minutes of visual stimulation before you get to the job at hand.


Often, our jobs lead us into solitude. While some days this makes us productive, other days it can make us feel alone and depressed, stifling our creativity and making us unmotivated. Finding a bit of laughter throughout the day can be just what we need to perk up. Find a clip on Youtube of your favorite comedian and yuck it up for five to ten minutes. You’ll feel completely rejuvenated and ready to tackle your work.

Keep a “Happy” Journal

There’s nothing we like more than getting praised for doing something well. It probably doesn’t happen every day, so we often forget about it and focus more on the criticism we receive. Keep a written journal of the good things coworkers, friends, or family say to us. No matter how small, if it made you feel good even for a second, write it down and come back to it when you need a pick-me-up.

Think Outside the Box

Embracing the opinions of someone else can open our minds up in every way possible. Reading news sources or blogs that don’t align with your own opinions can teach you something new and make you open to new ideas.

There are lots of small ways we can fit inspiration into our days. It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process. It can be short, sweet, and still be completely effective.