Muscle Growth Supplements Known as “Legal Steroids” Are Putting Your Health at Risk

If you desire swiftness in muscle building or weight loss, you must have considered juicing once in a while. Everybody does it, that’s what people say, referencing celebrities and Hollywood stars who build lean muscle within a short time. Don’t fall into that trap. Even though steroids are meant to help you look shredded fast, many of these products will jeopardize your health. This is especially true for the bodybuilding supplements known as “Legal Steroids.” If you are using them, you are in danger. You need to stop.

About legal steroids

These supplements are being sold with a gimmick that they could boost your workout performance by simulating the effects of testosterone. You have probably seen the rave reviews online about these “legal alternative to steroids.” Manufacturers promise a quicker muscle building process without the side effects of traditional steroids. However, new research proves the exact opposite. Legal anabolic steroids fall under the many supplements commonly also known as SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators). They work by suppressing androgen.

The study

The eye-opening research revealed that all bodybuilding supplements containing SARMs are formulated with unapproved drug substances, hormones, and steroids. Using World Anti-Doping Agency detection techniques, the scientists studied the ingredients of 44 drugs marketed as SARMs. The results were shocking, out of the 44 supplements studied, 39 percent contained unapproved drugs, synthetic testosterone hormones, and anabolic steroids. What does that mean for you? Serious health conditions.

Health risks

Liver injury is the number one risk due to Legal Steroids. Every bodybuilding supplement that contains steroids overworks the liver causing life-threatening injuries. Then again you could get skin conditions a severe case of acne, together with mental and emotional instabilities. In worst cases, supplements that contain the same ingredients as Legal supplements also cause kidney damage and cardiovascular diseases.

But that was not all that the researchers uncovered. In essence, the found out that supplement manufacturers mislead their consumers. 25 percent of all products tested contained very different compounds from what was labeled on the package. The unlisted ingredients were non-FDA approved, and for that reason, their efficiency or safety is hard to prove. For a bodybuilding enthusiast, the chances of finding safe’ supplements out there are very slim.

The FDA recently put out a statement about supplements that contain SARMs. The statement confirms our fears, saying that all SARMs products have the potential to cause liver damage, heart attack and many long-term health conditions. Just like other steroids, Legal Steroids could also cause infertility and suicidal thoughts.

Many young people land celebrities alike are looking into the Legal Steroids. If you are focused on gaining body mass and building muscles quickly, this new research should make you think twice about Legal Steroids. Understandably, anyone could fall for the marketing gimmicks, especially when they are sold as a safe alternative to steroids. They aren’t; it is a case of the kettle calling the pot black. You will suffer the same fate of severe health conditions.

If you are using the miraculous’ Legal anabolic steroids, you are at a high risk of life-threatening health conditions. Save yourself, flush them down the toilet.

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