Muscle Fitness and Modern Super Supplements

Over time, fitness enthusiasts have come to realise that lifting the most weights and doing the most reps isn’t the most effective path to muscle fitness. For peak muscle fitness within the shortest time, complementing your fitness regimen with the right diet is important. And key ingredients that should be in your diet can be got from the right supplements.

Supplements have become a big part of the modern world of fitness. But sadly, there are more ineffective supplements out there than there are good ones. Some supplements that have been touted as heroes but which have actually proven to be villains include Tribulus Terrestris and DHEA, both of which have been proven to reduce good cholesterol and are capable of leading to the unwanted side effect of “man boobs.”

On the other hand, modern super supplements such as Creatine, Beta Alanine, Fish Oil, Maca Root Supplementation, and others have proven to be very effective in boosting the speed of muscle growth and strength with little to no side effects. “Little” because while Creatine is a healthy fan favourite that is currently highly recommended, there have been reports of increased anger in some of its users. This is why it is important to fully research any supplement before applying it in your pursuit of a stronger healthier body.

A truly effective muscle fitness supplement should at least lead to the following improvements in your body;

  1. Increased Muscle Strength. A health supplement marketer will likely advertise his/her product has some kind of wonder product that’ll turn you into the next Hercules or Wonder Woman. While that is an exaggeration, real quality supplements are capable of significantly boosting your strength and ability to do more.
  2. Increased Muscle Mass. Quality muscle fitness supplements aren’t steroids but they are capable of helping you get a ripped physique faster. This benefit should come without health side effects when you combine such supplements with your fitness regimen. The reason for the ability of supplements to boost muscle growth is they contain important nutrients which our body need to fuel muscle growth. In the absence of these nutrients, your endurance and strength might increase without any noticeable increment in your muscle mass. Whey protein and Vitamin A are two nutrients that have proven to be essential to promoting increase in muscle size and enhancing recovery from workouts.
  3. Increased Fat Burning. A high grade muscle fitness supplement ought to contain branched chain amino acids. This is because amino acids are the foundation of protein which are very much required in a body to build muscle. Branched-chain amino acid in supplements can facilitate and boost fat oxidation, also known as fat burning while you workout. That is, it ensures muscle is being built while unwanted fat is being burnt.
  4. Improved Blood Flow. Bodybuilding supplements that contain arginine help promote your body’s production of nitric oxide. The benefit of nitric oxide is it improves your body’s blood flow especially within your muscles. This can lead to an increase of the delivery of important nutrients to the muscles you are trying to build and this will, in turn, lead to better performance during a workout regimen.

Asides from the combination of supplements and the right bodybuilding regimen, you need to also keep in mind the importance of water, and the use of base vitamins and minerals in order to effectively accomplish your muscle fitness goals. Depending solely on supplements is not ideal because failure to give your body all the proper sustenance and nutrition it needs while pursuing muscle fitness can actually lead to doing more harm than good to your body. So pick your supplements carefully and ensure to rest as necessary and eat right.