Natural Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

In spite of the natural occurrence of erectile dysfunction as men age, the condition continues to have an unfair stigma. Erectile dysfunction can be a shameful condition for men, causing insecurities about their ability to perform sexually. 

Not only can it be embarrassing, it often leads to complications with sexual partners who may feel they’re to blame for the man’s difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection. Couples who have had active, pleasurable sex lives for the duration of their marriage may find themselves suddenly facing challenges they never expected. 

The challenges of sexual performance in middle age

But male sexual disorders are neither the fault of the man or of his female partner. Nonetheless, women often feel as though their partner’s struggle is their fault, or as though they aren’t good enough. Women may attempt to spice up their sex live by integrating new toys or lingerie into the bedroom, only to find that the problem is not with them at all. Men’s bodies simply change as they get older, and impotence is one of the challenges that comes with aging.

Fortunately, erectile dysfunction is losing a great deal of its stigma and more and more men are openly discussing their struggles in this area. Harvard Medical School encourages men to embrace the aging process and understand that changes in sexual performance are just as common as other physical bodily changes that occur as one reaches middle age. Physicians at Harvard stress the importance of exercise, diet, and sleep, as well as medical treatment for erectile dysfunction if need be.

Natural alternatives

For otherwise healthy men, the introduction of a medical treatment for a sexual disorder may be an unappealing idea. After all, Viagra is supposed to only be for “old men,” and middle-aged men who still feel in the prime of their sexual lives might be ashamed to start taking it.

Other men might have concerns about synthetic oral treatments for disorders that could otherwise be healed naturally. As holistic health becomes more widely recognized as a suitable alternative to medical conditions across the board, more and more men are choosing natural alternatives for their impotence. 

For many health-conscious men, popping a pill isn’t the most appealing way to help deal with any unwanted health condition, even a sexual one. Some might view Viagra as a temporary solution to a problem and would prefer to get to the root of the problem as they age. 

If you or your partner are seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the vast number of options on the market right now, from the infamous blue pill sold under the brand name Viagra to other herbal alternatives gaining attention internationally. A great many studies are being conducted on the efficacy and safety of holistic medication for sexual disorders.

Options available

Healthline recommends Panax ginseng, known as the “herbal Viagra” because its extremely high success rate. The herb is effective because of its anti-inflammatory action and improvement of blood flow. One can easily imagine how this would be helpful at treating erectile dysfunction.

A less-known herb called Rhodiola rosea has been the subject of one study. Though more research will need to be done to ensure its efficacy over the long term, it has been shown to improve erectile dysfunction in men while increasing energy, too. For men who struggle with fatigue as they age, this is a bonus.
Did you know that natural hormones are produced in the adrenal gland that aid in the production of testosterone and estrogen? As men age, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is produced in lower numbers. Doctors increasingly prescribe a natural dietary supplement with this hormone as the active ingredient. One influential study showed that aging men’s sexual potency increased with DHEA hormone treatment.