Nutrition Myths Even Professional Athletes Believe

It is quite easy to end up thinking that some nutrition advice is correct when the truth is that you are just faced with a myth since so much information you find online is incorrect. You need to never believe the following myths that even some professional athletes believe.

You Can Just Burn Off Eaten Junk Food

It is very important to focus on the quality of the food that you eat. Damage caused by unhealthy food will not simply go away with very tough workouts. As a very simple example, artificial additives you find in the processed foods can easily increase your risk of ending up with an autoimmune disease.

Exercise will not compensate for the poor diet you have. The physical activity is going to put a lot of stress on your body. When you do not eat properly you cannot recover from all the associated wear and tear. What you have to understand is that a balanced diet is going to be even more important for those that are physically active than those that are not.

You Can Eat All The Protein That You Desire

Most people will be concerned with overdoing carbs consumption but in reality, all macronutrients can be dangerous when you consume too much. This includes protein. The protein you are eating will repair, heal and maintain body tissue. However, you only need a specific amount. As you go over it, extra protein is going to cause weight gains and prevent losing weight. Every single health infographic you read will tell you that you have to be sure a proper balance appears. As a rule of thumb, when being active, try to go for half a protein gram per 1 pound of the ideal weight you should have.

The Workout Is Canceled If You Eat After You Work Out

Calories eaten after the workout will not be thrown right back into your body as fat cells. The reality is that you should always eat something after you work out. That is because physical exercise is going to take a strong toll on the body. It has to recover after it so you need to eat snacks or a nutrient rich meal in order to offer raw materials required by the cells in order to repair or heal. Recovery is incredibly important for the body. You cannot grow muscle mass or lose weight if the body does not recover after the workout. If your goal is to improve fitness levels, be sure that you offer all the minerals, vitamins, healthy fat and lean protein that the body requires.

Fruit Is Just As Bad As Eating Candy

Last but not least, a worrying number of people is avoiding fruit as there is a fear that the natural sugar will increase weight. In reality, age-related weight gain is going to be prevented with a diet that is rich in fruit. You should know that fruit includes many vital nutrients, fiber and water. The sugar inside is naturally occurring so it is really good for you.