One Major Solution For The Municipal Water Treatment Industry

Municipal water treatment is an incredibly important industry that serves and protects millions of people. The treatment of the natural resource requires many high-quality chemical materials so that the process can be as safe and efficient as possible. Getting all of the right materials can be an issue for municipal water treatment plants and facilities — the only solution for this problem is a reliable chemical supplier.

Canadians depend on the efficiency of the municipal water treatment industry and hold it to an extremely high standard. According to studies on Canadian municipal water issues, Canadians are the second largest users of water per capita in the entire world. The industry responds to the demands of Canadian citizens by working hard to make water accessible and safe for consumption—however, the services and techniques within the industry can always be improved. With the help of chemical solutions, the water treatment process can tackle variousissues fromthe presence of bacteria to algae growth.

Instead of searching for chemical solutions through multiple vendors, municipal water treatment facilities should be looking for a chemical supplier in Canada—a Canadian supplier will have a lengthy portfolio of materials needed for the process. A chemical supplier’s portfolio carries a long list of products that are required for important steps during treatment like disinfection, air purification, odor control and fluoridation. Facilities should look for a trusted chemical supplier like CCC Chemicals, which has an extensive portfolio of products and years of experience catering to the water treatment market.

Other product-types that they carry for municipal water treatment:

  • PH Control
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • De-Chlorinating products
  • Oxidizers
  • Nutrients
  • Surfactants

The chemical supplier CCC Chemicals is the ideal choice as a distributor of water treatment chemical solutions. The company has been a leader in the chemical distribution business for almost an entire century —CCC Chemicals was originally founded in 1920. Beyond their knowledge of the Canadian market and an impressive portfolio, the company is perfect for water treatment facilities because of their dedication to the field. All of the company’s products for the water treatment market are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation—and they have representation on the NSF 60/61 Industry Forum committee. The company is a dedicated participant in the American Water Works Association and Water Environment Federation—they also participate with smaller regional affiliates across the country. CCC Chemicals even has specialized staff available to talk with facility representatives so that they can provide the right solutions and offer technical support for plant design.

In order to get the chemical solutions for all the steps in the water treatment process, municipal facilities should use an experienced chemical supplier. The right supplier will have a portfolio full of the newest chemical materials, along with an extensive list of credentials and certifications to prove their dedication to the industry. If a municipal water treatment facility wants to improve their process and tackle any problem that comes their way, the only answer is a reputable chemical supplier.