Online prescription eyeglasses could cost as much as 70% less

Consumer behavior are slowly changing as more people now buy eyeglasses online than before, with US regulations preventing a monopoly by physical retailers, levelling the playing field for online retailers to provide better price competition. That said, the majority of people are still going to their local optometrist when it becomes time to change their eyeglasses. This may require many people to take time off from work in order to have the eye examination done. Most of the time those people have to rush, that means quickly trying on a dozen or more frames and then quickly make a selection even if it’s not perfect. Even though this situation was not completely satisfactory they will nevertheless be expected to pay anything between 300 and $800 for a single pair of glasses. These new eyeglasses will then be used every day for as long as two or three years. The problem becomes even more serious when there are several family members who will require eyeglasses. With only two or three candidates the family may look at an expense of $1500 or more. Naturally, the majority of families will not hesitate to pursue other options if it was possible to save time and money in the process. Eyeglasses can protect human eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays which can lead to a whole range of problems. Studies which have been done have discovered that UVA light can be closely linked to an increasing number of eye and skin issues.

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Encryption technologies are now ensuring secure online connections

It cannot be denied that there have been many stories in the media about people who were defrauded by online hackers and other criminals. Even so online shopping is something which is done by hundreds of millions of people every day. Percentagewise wise very few of them ever encounter any problems. On the positive side, however, hundreds of millions of people are extremely satisfied with their online shopping experiences. One only has to look at large corporations such as Amazon and others who have become online giants. The majority of online retailers is able to provide consumers with secure and completely safe checkout processes. If there are any doubts simply look for a lock icon or HTTPS which will normally appear in the upper left-hand corner of the search bar. Consumers have high standards these days and they are absolutely demanding secure checkout processes as well as guaranteed low prices. They are also demanding free shopping, return policy, and a decent warranty. This is why shopping online for prescription eyeglasses will ensure that you will be able to receive your glasses significantly faster than it will be possible when making use of off-line stores. Consumers who will require single vision glasses could receive them within a couple of days. However, those who will require multifocal lenses or higher level prescriptions might have to wait slightly longer. There is also the added benefit of shipping which is mostly free.

Amazing customer experiences

The majority of online retailers have excellent consumer services because that is the only way in order to ensure a strong relationship with their consumer base. Most of them will do everything possible to avoid poor reviews. This is why the majority of online retailers have 24 /7 customer service teams who will respond to emails and also take calls. The objective is to resolve any consumer problems as quickly as possible. Additional benefits are the ability to exchange things or to return them for a refund. This can provide the consumer with peace of mind and can make them more confident when making online purchases. There are today a whole range of customer rating sites such as BizRate which can be used to determine whether a specific online retailer is reputable or not. Consumers are also able to compare the quality of the service which is offered. Many people are still concerned because they still believe that frames have to be tried on in person to ensure that they are completely satisfactory. In reality, many consumers have been using the virtual mirrors which is available on online sites and they have done so with considerable success. These virtual mirrors have been successful in providing the consumer with a very accurate picture of how they will look with the new eyeglasses.

Online frame selections are so much larger

Even the best optometrists can only provide consumers with a relatively limited range of frames. This will not be the case when browsing for frames online. There are thousands and thousands of frames available online which makes it possible to find something which will fit your image and personality. Consumers will have access to low-cost frames and also to high-end frames which would include rimless frames and designer frames or whatever else the consumer may need. There is simply no way that a conventional off-line store can compete with something like this. When selecting a specific frame online it is important to ensure that those items are currently in stock so that there are no delays as far as delivery is concerned. If such a frame is not available consumers may be forced to choose something else. However, online prescription eyeglasses can cost as much as 70% less than those obtained from the local optometrist. This is why it is entirely possible to purchase two or three pairs simultaneously and still get them for cheaper than those obtained from your optometrist. High-quality eyeglasses can be obtained from various online sites such as