Overcoming Opioid Reliance with an Emerging Natural Remedy

According to Los Angeles Times, the U.S government plans to spend a record $4.6 billion to fight the growing opioid crisis that exists today. Opioids include pain-relieving medications and its abuse may lead to fatal overdose, intense cravings, seizures and incredibly harsh withdrawal symptoms. These alarming consequences include just some of the growing pains in America’s growing reliance on pharmaceutical drugs. And for those who use these products for its intended purpose, to relieve chronic pain, many are finding that the results are ineffective in managing these issues.

Pharmaceutical companies often discover and distribute new drugs based on the chemicals that are provided in natural plants. These companies will then manipulate the chemical makeup of the already healing chemicals, for the purpose of patenting new products under complex and discrete names. It turns out, going that extra mile isn’t always a good thing, and some of us would be better off with the natural source.

The green wave of hemp research is a great example of this phenomenon. With new research coming out everyday regarding the diversity of health benefits in natural cannabinoid extracts, Big Pharma is beginning to catch on. Pharmaceutical companies are now utilizing this source and altering its chemicals for patented distribution. This reflects a positive shift in modern medicine, the revival of the hemp plant in our public conscience, legitimizing the herb as a healing and transformative means for healthcare. But with pharmaceutical manipulation, the opioid problem still continues. For anyone who is fed up with traditional medicine, the side effects, the dangers, and the lack of results, it might be time to go au natural.

In her book Hemp Health Revolution, health care professional, Dr. Sherrill Sellman uncovers the world of benefits in the natural hemp plant, outlining the A-Z of its uses and benefits. She states, “Pharmaceutical drugs never really heal the body. They never get to the root cause of the illness, nor do they resolve the underlying imbalance. And chances are their side effects will contribute to even more serious health problems.”

The hemp plant contains non-psychoactive components that are called cannabinoids, or CBD. From this source, holistic health enthusiasts, like Dr. Sellman bring the transformative benefits of Hemp Extract to public healthcare, working to overcome the widespread use of opioids with an effective, and legal alternative. Products containing less than 0.3% THC by weight, are legal in all states, bringing an accessible resource for pain relief and a variety of health benefits across the board. Hemp has been used for medicinal use throughout the ages, used to treat such conditions as malaria and gout, as well as muscle and joint pain.  Eventually, hemp became a key ingredient in medical formulations. Today, the versatile remedy is a known treatment for arthritis, diabetes, obesity, strokes, heart disease, and the list goes on.

One of the greatest revelations that have come from this plant is its ability to restore inner balance to the body via the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is a recent discovery in the naturopathic and scientific community. The system serves a vital purpose in our health, responsible for facilitating the process of homeostasis, and keeping our bodies at that point of ‘just right’ that allows us to survive and thrive. Bringing essential balance between all biological systems, the ECS regulates pain, memory, hormones, fertility, the stress response, and the growth of cells, according to Dr. Sellman. Hemp Extract is able to actively engage with this process, activating receptors in the body, and restoring homeostasis in this complex process.

The body’s interaction with hemp and its healing properties may become even more effective, when absorption is high. Unlike many products on the market, Optivida Health ensures optimum absorption with 80-85% absorption, 10x to 20x that of other CBD products on the market. Optivida’s product, Optivida Hemp 540 comes from locally sourced and naturally extracted hemp plants, providing optimum effectiveness and purity. After struggling with chronic illnesses throughout his lifetime, Optivida’s founder, Frank Davis discovered breakthroughs with medicinal hemp.

“I’ve been blessed to be introduced to the wonders of hemp. I’ve been amazed at how hemp extract has changed so many customers lives. Personally, I’ve been using it for about 7 months and it sure helps me sleep. Amazingly hemp creates homeostasis in remapping the cells back to health. I was fortunate to partner with Dr. Emek Blair, who’s discovery creates astounding hemp absorption. We get new testimonials come every day from those that have finally had a chronic condition break-through. Many also state their surprise results after other hemp products didn’t provide the relief they were looking for.” says Davis.

“Eliminating the Need for Opioids”

“Amazing Relief for Rheumatoid Arthritis”

“Severe Back Pain Resolved”

These testimonials are living proof of the revolutionary power of hemp extract. Using what Mother Nature so lovingly provided us; we may find health and healing at its source and limit opioid reliance in America.