Passing a Drug Test: What You Should and Should Not Do

Taking a drug test is a pretty common practice in most industries throughout the world.

THC levels are tested to see whether or not they can be found in your body.

Even though a lot of countries have made recreational marijuana legal, the law still allows employers to deny employment based on the failure of a drug test.

Because of this, people want to know the best way to ensure they are passing a drug test every time! Here are some things you may be able to try.

Passing a Drug Test: What You Need to Know

When you are about to take a drug test, you may be feeling stressed out about it if you’re not sure whether or not you will actually pass.

People might even feel this way when they know that they don’t have anything that could cause them to fail. It’s just nervewracking. 

Here are some of the things that you should or should not do when you need to pass a drug test.

What You Should Do

The easiest way to make sure that you pass a drug test is not to do drugs.

You need to know what type of drugs you are being tested for and you need to do the math regarding how long those substances may be in your body.

Remember to consider the factors besides when you last partook, like potency, your own body fat, and your metabolism. These all impact how long a substance is in the body.

Marijuana, for instance, can stay in your blood and urine for 90 days after you use it. Most of the time, people will find that they are clean after about 30 to 40 days.

If you are being tested for THC, you can try to cleanse with a detox program if you have at least 7 days before your test. It will speed up the natural detoxification that your body does and can help you get rid of the THC still in your body.

What You Should Not Do

You’ve heard of all of the things that you can do at home to cleanse your body of THC or whatever other substance you are being tested for.

A lot of them are actually not very safe and they don’t even usually work.

For instance, you should not try to use bleach, Certo, Goldenseal, cranberry juice, niacin, or vinegar to pass a drug test. These are very dangerous and are not going to give you any type of results whatsoever. 

People use synthetic urine or try to substitute someone else’s urine for theirs, but both of these are risky practices. You could easily be caught and this may cause more problems for you overall.

Lastly, diluting your sample with something is also detectable. The testing lab will be able to tell that it is not purely urine.

Pass That Test With Flying Colors

The best thing that you can do when worrying about passing a drug test is to abstain for a while before the test.

If the test comes up suddenly, you can try to use a detox kit to help you flush out the rest of the substance in your body.

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