Personal Trainer Insurance Options

Personal trainer insurance refers to financial liability coverage for a trainer against the risks of accidents during a training session with a client. It also protects against loss or damage of equipment or even a rented facility. As a big dog in the game, Insure Fitness Group offers the following insurance options for personal and fitness coaches.

General Liability Insurance: It protects you from the financial burden of an accident or lawsuit that an injured client might file for you. General liability insurance can cover a basic case of a client tripping on a dumbbell on the floor or a case of strained and sprained back. Coverage may range from $500 to about $1 million.

The Errors and Omissions Insurance (AKA, E & O): E & O insurance is a professional liability insurance that protects a fitness trainer from personal and professional errors. For example, an injury may occur as a result of your failure to properly support your client’s back while guiding them through a routine. It can be an error of negligence, or you were not even paying attention as the client worked the bench, and it comes with a claim. An E&O will cover such claims. You can max out at about $3 million for all occurrences in a year.

Rental Damage Insurance: This insurance protects you from costs that may arise when borrowed equipment or facility for your work are damaged. Not only for damages but also for theft and other legal liabilities that may arise with rented property or tools. On average, you can get coverage worth between $70,000 and $120,000.

Product Liability Insurance: Apart from the general liability insurance, you may protect specific equipment against foreseen or unforeseen damages, losses, or bodily injury. For instance, if you feel an equipment is too technical (as a result of a fault or by design) and can cause harm to someone who is not very familiar with the tool, you can apply for product liability insurance. Although it can be reckoned as an extension of public liability, it especially helps to contain an issue, especially if the injury that may result is more expensive than your insurer offers on general liability insurance. You can get as low as $250,000 in coverage, which may cap at $1 million.

Do not be a victim of circumstance. As a personal trainer, things may get out of hand, especially if you have a nasty client who tries to take advantage of situations. Insure yourself with a basic personal trainer insurance package from Insure Fitness Group.