Pharmaceutical Trends to Watch in 2020

2020 has been anything but a usual year for many of us with Coronavirus having a huge impact on our everyday lives. But with this has also come changes to behavioural trends as well as shopping trends that have shaped the pharmaceutical industry and many others at this time. To help you understand these changes, we will be providing you with some of the key Pharmaceutical Trends to Watch in 2020.


Modernization has become a huge part of the growth of many businesses over the years, but with the Covid-19 pandemic leading to several businesses to improve their technology to accommodate online working, the modernization of many sectors has become a big trend in 2020. This is the same for the pharmaceutical industry as there have been several different changes to modernize and streamline every element such as this and improve the order fulfilment process moving forward in the growth of the industry. 

Improved Supply Chain Management 

In addition to the modernisation of the industry, there has also been significant improvement in the pharmaceutical distributors UK supply chain. With a huge increase in the number of orders being made as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the automation of the supply chain has become a huge trend in 2020. With improved processing speeds and online software to track orders, this is a huge benefit to the industry as reporting and order fulfilment is made significantly easier. With many companies using state of the art reporting software as well as traditional manpower to fulfil orders, we may see a switch to full automation in the near future. 

Personalised Medications In The Future 

Another trend that is proving very popular in 2020 is the risk of personalised medication in 2020. Though there is no definitive breakthrough in this style of medication, trends are pointing towards the potential development of medication such as this. This could be a huge trend for the pharmaceutical sector as this could tailor medication to specific needs of customers for targeted treatments. Though this process may be an additional cost to a patient, this could be a brand-new trend at this time. 

Growing Acceptance For Cloud Computing 

The final trend that we are seeing in 2020 is the use of cloud computing in the world of pharmaceutical distribution. Though there is an element of risk that comes with this, the growing acceptance around this technology makes reporting significantly easier as well as increasing order fulfilment at this time. This is a huge trend for 2020 that could see a positive impact that changes the course of the industry in the future. Though it is too close to call at this time, the use of Ai, cloud storage and other automated systems will certainly provide their own forms of benefits.  

With this in mind, several benefits can come from each of these trends all of which could potentially transform the way that the industry operates both during the fight against covid-19 and within a post-Covid society. Which of these are you most excited about?