The Most Searched For Cosmetic Procedures in the UK

Cosmetic surgery has been rising rapidly in popularity in recent years and this can be attributed to a few different reasons. Cosmetic surgery is seen as less of a taboo these days, people are sometimes more image-conscious in a time of celebrity and social media and it can also be much more accessible. So, what are the main procedures that people are searching for on Google?

Hair Transplant

According to, the most searched cosmetic procedure each month is hair transplantation with 27,100 searches. This is no surprise with hair loss affecting both men and women and for a number of different reasons and often having a huge impact on their mental health, plus procedures have come a long way and are now more affordable.


Liposuction followed closely with 27,000 monthly searches. Again, this is a procedure that will appeal to many men and women in a time where obesity is on the rise. Liposuction can provide instant results, boost people’s self-confidence and help them to maintain a healthier weight.

Breast Reduction

Breast reductions came in third with 22,200 monthly searches. This type of surgery can help women to re-establish a functional bust proportionate to their frame and alleviate discomfort and pain, so it is understandable why so many women would opt for this type of procedure.


The nose is one of the most notable features on an individual and as a result it is a feature which many are self-conscious about. Rhinoplasty can change the appearance of the nose and the face as a whole, plus it can also be used to improve breathing so there are both cosmetic and practical reasons for this procedure.

Breast Enlargement

Breast enlargements are also commonly searched with 8,100 searches each month. This can be an area that many women are self-conscious about, particularly in a time of media consumption and celebrity culture. Breast enlargement surgery can help women to feel more attractive and boost their confidence and has become one of the most common procedures in the UK.

Making a Decision

These are the most searched for cosmetic surgeries and all ones which can improve people’s lives in a number of ways. Cosmetic surgery can transform lives, but it is also a decision that should not be made lightly and you need to consider all of your options. You also need to know what to expect in terms of the procedure itself and recovery which means speaking carefully with the surgeon.

Cosmetic surgery is on the rise in the UK with these being the most searched for procedures, all of which can transform lives.