Phuket dental tourism is growing fast, and here’s why

Dental tourism is a booming industry, adding significantly to the tourist economy of the regions that are popular with dental tourists. Phuket is a premier holiday destination and it has developed a high quality dental infrastructure to accommodate the dental tourists who come to see the best dentist in Phuket.

The fast growth rate of Phuket dental tourism

Dental tourism in Phuket is growing fast and there are many reasons for this among them being

  1. The high cost of dental care in advanced countries – whether you have insurance or don’t, you will still land up paying enormous sums of money for dental procedures, particularly the newer ones that may not be covered by dental insurance (if you have it, that is).
  1. The low cost of airfares – with increasing competition, it is easy to see that airfares are cheaper than ever before, more so if you book in advance. There are many low cost, no-frills airlines that offer cut rate fares between popular destinations. Phuket International Airport is a convenient gateway, serviced by many international airlines.
  1. Easy visa formalities – if you are a resident of many advanced and western countries you may not need a visa to visit Thailand. You can get a visa free entry if you are resident of countries like the U.S., Canada, U.K., Europe, Australia and New Zealand.
  1. Top notch dental facilities – Phuket has high quality dental clinics most of which are full service ones. They are clean, hygienic and follow all international treatment protocols. Many of them compare favorably with the quality of clinics in any advanced country. They use the latest equipment like 3D digital imaging, scans and have onsite laboratories for dental restorations. Clinics like Phuket Dental Signature and Sea Smile Dental Phuket have state of the art facilities.
  1. Highly qualified doctors – while some dentists may have completed their dental training in Thailand, many of them will have specialized in other countries. And it is not like the Thai education system lacks in any aspect as the dentists have to undergo rigorous studies before they can practice. Many of the qualified doctors additionally opt for accreditations with reputed international organizations. Almost all doctors speak English, so you will not have any communication problems with the best dentist in Phuket.
  1. Low prices of dental treatments – you may think that advanced treatments are expensive, but Phuket dental prices are very reasonable. The low cost of living and the increasing competition among the dental fraternity leads to lower pricing of all kinds of dental procedures.
  1. The lure of a holiday – you can have a holiday at the same time. Often you may have a few days between certain procedures, and you can use this time to explore the region. Phuket has beaches galore and is also a hot spot of tourist activities like diving, swimming, golfing and cruises. Don’t forget you can indulge in delicious and authentic Thai cuisine as well. You are spoiled for choice as far as hotel are concerned and you can take your pick from small budget ones to large branded chains.

Good quality dental treatments by the best dentist in Phuket, combined with a holiday in a tropical place at a low price – what more could you ask for?