Play Ball! A Fun Individual Sports List for Those with ADHD

More than 6 million children in the United States live with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 

ADHD is a common disorder that is characterized by the inability to focus and having an excess of energy. Getting your child to participate in activities with other children can be a hassle. But there are many things they can do. 

Continue reading to discover the best activity for your child, with this individual sports list. 


If you have recently taken your child in for an ADHD test, you may be wondering what the best activities are for them to participate in. 

Swimming is first on this individual sports list because it is an excellent sport that your child can try and can help them learn to work as a team. Swimming is mainly independent but a team must still work together. This can be the perfect introduction to sports for your child. 


Gymnastics is another option for your overly active kid.

This sport can help your child focus and pay close attention to what they are doing. To properly do a routine or make a land, they must have every detail taken care of. 

Children with ADHD can improve their focus and get out extra energy built up. 


If your child enjoys running around and getting muddy, soccer is the perfect choice for them.

Soccer helps children learn to work as a team, but also build up their skillset as well. To play soccer your child will have to be confident their abilities and learn to trust others. Working with a team can help them discover new friends and opportunities. 

Martial Arts 

When you are dealing with a child who doesn’t have much discipline and who has ADHD it can become overwhelming.

Signing your child up for martial arts can help give them structure and discipline to hold them accountable. There are a lot of rules in martial arts and one must always be aware of their actions.

Putting them in martial arts can help your child become more aware of their actions and how they affect other people. 


Many people who tend to think outside of the box go to archery for an individual activity to participate in.

Archery is not a common activity but it could catch the interest of your child. This activity requires precision and attention to be successful. You can help give your child these skills by signing them up for archery.

The Ultimate Individual Sports List for Children 

Trying to find something that is engaging for your child can be difficult.

Utilizing this individual sports list can help you find the perfect activity for your child when they struggle to work as a team. Fortunately, participating in some of these sports can be a stepping stone for your child.

With this list, your child can find something to excel in and build their way up to working as a team. 

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