Pre-Surgey Tips: Helpful Ways To Prepare Your Body (And Mind) For Fast Recovery

We know that in the weeks before surgery, you may be so anxious about the outcome and the pain that you can’t even think about the things you should do to prepare for your recovery. 

But if you take the time to prepare for surgery, you could improve your recovery process. 

In this post, we’ll tell you the best dietary, lifestyle, and even mental preparations that you should take into consideration pre-surgery. 

If you follow these steps, you’ll have a more comfortable recovery.

You’ll also feel more confident on the morning of your surgery.

Fix Your Diet

Understanding what to eat before surgery – and which foods to avoid – is a huge part of not just a fast recovery, but also your overall safety. 

First, for about a week before your surgery date, cut out alcohol and, if you’re a smoker, ditch the cigarettes. (They increase your risk of complications with anesthesia. They could also make you more likely to develop an incision infection post-surgery.) 

Though you’ll likely need to fast the night before your surgery, in the weeks before surgery, eat plenty of foods that are rich in antioxidants.

These are things like carrots, peanuts, cranberries, red grapes, and leafy green vegetables. You should also load up on proteins like tuna, chicken, eggs, soy milk yogurt, and fish. 

Steer clear of processed foods, red meats, and sugar and white flour. 

Prepare Your Recovery Space

Preparing for surgery also means taking the time to set up the recovery space in your home – and arrange for transportation to and from the hospital. 

Put phone chargers nearby your sofa or bed. Select a few books to read and movies to watch. Ask friends to come to check on you or keep you company. Head to the grocery store and stock up on recovery foods. Put pillows, blankets, and bandages within reach. 

You don’t want to worry about going up and down stairs, driving, or not having what you need in a difficult time when you’re in recovery. Plus, preparing your space also helps you to get in the proper headspace for your surgery. 

Other Quick Pre-Surgery Tips

Now, let’s cover a few rapid-fire pre-surgery tips to help you feel better prepared for the procedure and to jumpstart your recovery. 

  • Follow your doctor’s orders to the letter
  • Stay off of Google/don’t read “worst case scenarios”
  • Get at least 30 minutes of light exercise a day one week before surgery
  • Stock up on fish oil and vitamin D supplements
  • Up your fiber intake

You’ve Mastered How to Prepare for Surgery

Developing a pre-surgery regimen and being 100% honest with your doctor about your concerns and your current lifestyle is an essential part of ensuring you have a speedy and safe recovery. 

For more tips on how to cook antioxidant and fiber-rich meals, to understand your options when it comes to anesthesia, and even to get a deeper understanding of what you can expect from your recovery period, rely on our blog to give you the information you need to get through this tough time.